Water Filters for Home Use - Pure Drinking Water is Essential for Optimal Health

by Water Purifier Anjan Sengupta (Service Head)
In the developing country like India, there are very high chances to catch water-borne diseases, as the pollution in natural resources - Land, Air, water is increasing at an alarming rate. Adding to it are the human activities as a result of which the nature is getting harmed manifold. If you take the case of water, its packed with heavy metals like iron rust, which is not visible from the naked eyes, but imagine the amount of harm it is doing to our sensitive body system. The need of water purifier for home has become super critical as you cannot trust tap water specially with your children as the contaminants present in it are sure to make their immune system weak, thereby making them prone to various diseases.

Here are some of the best water purifiers, which you can buy from

Copper + RO Purifier

World’s first water filter with the copper technology in-built so that you do not have to store water in copper vessel anymore. One of the highest selling RO water purifier online is an exclusive Pureit product. The device is a perfect mix of modern technology and traditional ways of improving heath. The water in it is purified through 7 stages, not only this, there is a choice between normal water and copper infused water, whichever you may want. Unlike in copper vessel, you have to boil the water first and then store it, in it nothing as such is required. It all happens by its own. The right amount of Cu is infused in every drop of water from this filter. You do not have to worry about copper cleaning too. It happens automatically.

Pureit Ultima with Purity Indicator

One of the best selling RO water purifier for home in India stands out in crowd, with its feature called Purity Indicator. It senses the quality of water within a second. The technology used is RO that is, Reverse Osmosis, which allows water to pass through the layers of semi permeable membrane, thereby cleaning it of mercury, lead, iron or any heavy metals. Saving water is what many households are trying to do, which can easily sorted if you with Pureit Ultima.

Pureit Ultima Mineral RO + UV Filter

If you are unsure of water quality which is supplied to your home, simply go for Pureit Ultima Mineral RO + UV Filter, which not purifies water of heavy metals but makes it free of bacteria and viruses as well. The UV rays kills all germs and makes water drinkable. It also adds minerals adding to the better taste of water. The turbo flow lets you to fill a liter water bottle in less than 30 seconds. Isn’t it a great time saving deal for you?

Pureit Marvella RO + UV with Fruits and Vegetables purifier

Gone are days when you used to buy RO water purifier online just to purify your drinking water. What about the fruits and vegetables that you eat? Are they chemical free? No! Right Then why not go for a purification system that implies the best of RO + UV technology making your water safest for drinking and cooking. The oxyblast technology in water, removes two times more pesticides than just washing it with normal water. 

Thus, in the market full of purification devices the user many a times gets confused as which equipment is most suited for him/her. But don’t go by any rosy advertisement, make your own choices depending on your needs and budget. Book a free demo with pureit.

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