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by Water Purifier Anjan Sengupta (Service Head)
Mostly people tend to assume that RO water purifiers are, by default, the best water purifiers than the other water purifiers that are available in the market. Well, this is not false completely in terms of technological, but that does not mean that RO water purifiers should be your ultimate choice when you buy water purifiers online. Nowadays, there is another kind of purifier, namely UF, is gaining prominence adding to the confusion of the buyers.

Before we start the discussion about which purifier is better it is very important for you to know that every water purifier is not made for the removal of all types of impurities so, you must choose wisely and only after you have tested the water of your area. Contingent to the source of water, the water quality may differ in terms of hardness as well as in presence of pollutants, chemicals and harmful micro-organisms like viruses and bacteria.

Usually, water that is supplied from lakes and rivers and also harvested rain water would have lower concentration of dissolved solids, while water which is drawn from bore wells have comparatively higher concentration of dissolved solids as well as other harmful chemicals which includes lead and arsenic. Water which is supplied through pipes or stored in overhead tanks may be biologically contaminated, this may happen if the pipes are old and blemished or if the tank is not cleaned at regular intervals.

Types of Water Purifiers

RO –As per what we studied in schools, Osmosis, is the flow of water molecules athwart a semi-permeable membrane from a lower solute concentration region to a higher solute concentration region. Well, RO does the opposite of Osmosis – push water molecules from higher TDS level to the lower TDS level, thus known as reverse osmosis. It does the same by pumping water into the RO chamber at high pressure, which causes the water molecules to be pushed through the membrane on the other side this leaves the dissolved solids as well as other impurities behind. RO Healthy water purifier are thus well suited for places where the TDS level of water is high or there is a supply of hard water.

UV –The purifiers using UV technologies, subjects the water through ultraviolet radiation that causes microorganisms such as viruses as well as bacteria to become deactivated or killed. These purifiers however cannot remove any kind of dissolved or undissolved solids or chemicals. As a result, the commercially sold UV purifier units has an external sediment pre - filters which is used to remove undissolved solids and activated carbon unit which helps in the removal of Chlorine and other dissolved solids from drinking water. UV purifiers are best suited for homes where the TDS level of tap water is low. If the water is biological contaminated, then a combination of UF+UV purifier should be considered.

UF – Ultra filtration uses the semi-permeable membrane to purify water, similarly as RO purifier. Nevertheless, here the membrane has larger holes as compared to the RO membrane. As a result, UF purifiers can remove undissolved solids as well as microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria from the water, but it cannot remove dissolved solids or reduce TDS level. UF purifiers are thus best suited for use at places where TDS of the tap water is low.

The best thing about UF filter is that it can work even without electricity. And in return, there is no wastage of water as no water is held back by the membrane.

When it is about caring for your family, you must avoid making impulsive decisions. Though it might seem easy to buy a water purifier, but your choice depends on the quality of the water that you receive at your home.

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