Advantages & Disadvantages Of Mineral Water Filter

by Water Purifier Anjan Sengupta (Service Head)

Water has enormous importance in the life of living beings including humans. Water is the vital abiotic component that is required to regulate the proper functioning of the body. Nowadays pollution is contaminating the water and making it unfit for drinking. Contaminated water can leads to various health hazards. So there is need of purifying it.

The mineral water filter is used to purify water and available worldwide.  You can buy mineral water filter online at cheapest prices. Underlying is the points which constitute pros and cons of the water purifiers.

Advantages: Listed below are the various advantages of the mineral water filters:

  • Protection against Harmful Organisms: The water purifiers constitutes for various systems that are helpful in removing various organisms that can cause serious diseases like diarrhea, vomiting and even death. This purification system kills the harmful agents of various diseases and makes the water fit for human consumption.

  • Removal of toxic metals: The various metals like lead and copper found in runway or groundwater are very much dangerous for human health. The various system including disinfectant agents, filtration system, and parchment membranes remove all the toxic metals that can negatively affect the health of human beings. It protects us from the toxicity that these metals can cause in the body.

  • No use of chemicals: There is no use of chemicals like chlorine, iodine etc that are good purifiers. These chemicals may alter the normal functioning of the body. In order to maintain the proper functioning of the body, these chemicals have no existence in the water purifier systems.

  • Natural purifiers: Granulated and activated carbon is used as the purifier. It is the organic substance which has no harmful effects on human body. The granulated form increases the surface area that helps in much more absorption of harmful particles.

  • Protect from UV: The UV RO system prevents from the UV aided water which is harmful for human consumption.


Disadvantages:  Every coin has two sides. Above mention are the various benefits of the mineral water purifier. Listed below are its disadvantages:

  • Remove essential minerals: The RO water purifiers where removes the toxic metals also removes some vital inorganic minerals like iron, calcium, sodium, magnesium etc that are essential for normal functioning of human body. Deficiency of any these inorganic minerals may lead to serious health hazards.

  • Not kills bacteria and viruses: This mineral water purifier doesn’t kill the various agents of water-borne diseases like viruses and bacteria. The RO water purifiers hold the probability of passing these microorganisms through the semi-permeable membrane.

  • Water taste altered: The important minerals are removed during the process of purification hence demineralization of water occurs which results in alteration of taste.

  • Expensive: These purifiers are quite expensive.

  • Water wastage: During the process of purification large amount of water is wasted.

  • RO membrane breakage: Chlorine may damage the membrane and there is not known any mechanism to date to replace the semi-permeable membrane. Any breaking in the membrane can disfunction purification mechanism.  

  • Requires electricity: Some require electricity for the purification process.

  • More time: RO water purifiers consume much time for the purification process.

After reading the various advantages and disadvantages of Mineral Water purifier, one knows the positive aspects of the purifier that can’t be ignored. Now one may consider the need of Water Purifier for home. There are various sources that can be used to buy the water purifier. Among all the online sources are best as these provide the wide variety, great quality, lowest price and many more.

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