Understanding the Value That Comes With Each Lodge Regalia Piece

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Not only Freemasonry is the largest fraternal organization across the globe but also the most time tested brotherhoods. Masons believe in peace, equality and the betterment of each other. There are many craft Lodges and varying bodies that are administered by this fraternal organization.

Every Lodge has its own set of Lodge Regalia that help brothers recognize another brother’s degree or craft in the Freemasonry. These constitute the pieces of garments and accessories that are worn during Lodge gatherings as well as on a daily casual basis.

Some of these regalia serve as symbolic pieces of clothing and jewelry that Freemasons start to wear when they have been installed as Masons and start attending the meetings at Lodge and Grand Lodge. Such Masonic regalia include aprons, gloves, badges, rings and jewels which help set the proper aura for ceremonial gatherings. As the Mason progresses in the fraternity, his regalia also keeps on changing such as aprons, sashes, badges and rings etc. The regalia are usually kept in the Lodges to which it belongs or are taken care of by the brother who is using these regalia.

Value of Lodge regalia

There are several types of Masonic regalia and some of them are used by the Lodges and others by the Masons. Every piece of regalia is highly valued and given high regard. These pieces of regalia create a unifying link of the traditions and customs of Freemasonry in which the members believe till the present day.

This fraternal organization encourages its every member to be a better individual and follow the path of constant learning at every stage. Masonic regalia are a way of reminding them of what their brotherhood believes in. With these regalia pieces staying true to their brotherhood's visions becomes easier.

Lodge regalia as gifts

There are different types of Freemasonry symbols and every piece of Masonic regalia bear these symbols. It implies that each regalia piece carries the legacy of the brotherhood with it. This is what makes them significant and a truly special gift. Especially if they are given from one Masonic brother to another, it marks the level of understanding that only two Masons can have. Freemasonry stands with centuries of history and beliefs under its pillars, so it is not surprising that Masonic brothers regard each other with such high respect.

Some popular choices in Masonic gifts include:

The choices are limitless when one considers giving gifts to another Masonic brother. The person can choose depending on their budget and preference.

Masonic rings are considered extremely important Masonic gift, especially if they are being passed from a Mason to his younger generations like a son. It means that the person giving them would like to see his son succeeding as a Mason just like him. For fellow brothers, key chains, cufflinks, handkerchiefs, ties, gloves, wallets and bookmarks are seen as appropriate gifts.

Some also give regalia cases to their brothers who have done them a great favor. Evidently, this will be very useful knowing that every Mason has a number of regalia that they need to take care of. Through this kind of gift, one can help the other preserve not only their regalia, but the value that comes with each piece.

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