Lodge Regalia, their types and importance

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Freemasonry is the largest and the most reputed fraternal organizations in the world and its core principles lies in peace, goodness and equality among men. There are various other bodies that administer this fraternity.

Members of Freemasonry wear special pieces of garments and accessories that are termed as Masonic Regalia and that they usually wear to Lodge for meetings, ceremonies, rituals, parties or any other occasion related to their Lodge. There are different types of Masonic regalia depending on the different degrees and ranks that Freemasons hold. These regalia give Freemasons a unique identity and are a symbol of great pride and honor for them. The members of this fraternity dress smartly when they meet in Lodge and can be seen in a dark suit, Masonic ties and white gloves. Different Lodges have their own particular ensemble, designs and color codes that give a unique identity to their Lodge. All the Lodge regalia can also be kept as a memorabilia if you have a family member who is a Freemason and has passed away.  They can also be used by the child of the Freemason who may also join Freemasonry in future.

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There are various types of Masonic Regalia such as:

·         Aprons

·         Gloves

·         Ties

·         Rings

·         Bracelets

·         Cufflinks

·         Jewels

·         Emblems and many more

All the pieces of Lodge Regalia have their significance in Freemasonry. For instance, the gloves worn by the members have an interesting aspect as they are an indication of equality among Freemasons and they make the hands look clean and no one can make assumptions about another’s employment.

Craft Masonry is also the core of Freemasonry and constitutes of multiple orders and degrees. Every Mason has to start his journey afresh in Craft Masonry no matter where he has ended up in Freemasonry.

There are various types of aprons as well, related to the different orders and degrees of Craft Freemasonry:

·         The Holy Royal Arch

·         Mark Masons

·         Knight Templar

·         Rose Croix

·         Royal & Select

·         Order of the Secret Monitor

·         Allied Masonic Degree

·         Ark Mariners and many more

When a Mason joins the first degree in Craft Masonry, he is offered a white leather apron. When he progresses to the second degree, he is offered a new apron that is white in color and also has two light blue rosettes at the bottom. In the third degree, a Mason is entitled to wear the Master Mason apron. This apron is made from white leather and has three light blue rosettes and silver embellishments.  

Where to buy Masonic Regalia from?

You can buy high quality Lodge Regalia from a reputed online retailer like The Masonic Collection. Their team has years of experience in the manufacturing & supply of Regalia and custom made products. Their mission is to supply high quality regalia at affordable prices. They are continuously reviewing their product lines and are always on the lookout for new ranges and further unique designs. New items are constantly being added to keep their overall stock fresh and up to date. They try to offer an extensive range of products so that they have something for most Masonic degrees and orders.       

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