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Ever fancied to have a unique engagement ring? If yes then Argyle pink diamond ring is something you should opt for. Pink Argyle diamonds are known throughout the world for their beauty as well as their rarity and are the most special out of all the coloured diamond varieties. Pink diamonds have been known to increase in value 30% per year. Certainly, these are the stones that you will not only enjoy now but for generations to come as it can be passed down. While light pink diamonds are found in other parts of the world but the Argyle diamond mine in Western Australia is the only consistent supplier of deep pink diamonds in the world.

Reasons for Rising Value

The increase in the value of pink diamonds every year is due to several reasons such as its rarity, high demand and increasing scarcity.

Rarity – anything natural occurrence is rare is always going to be valuable. The rare and more exclusive an item is, the more it will increase in value.

High demand – whenever the demand for an item exceeds the supply, the price will be higher. The demand for pink diamonds is increasing while the supply is reducing.

Increasing scarcity – Argyle mine in Western Australia started production in 1983 and since then they have moved from above ground mining to underground. This is because the Argyle diamond mine is moving towards the end of its lifespan as the pink diamond finds are declining. This adds to the upward push on prices. 

The Grading of Pink Diamonds

The grading of Argyle pink diamond is done based on their colour types such as purplish pink (PP), pink (P), rose pink (RP), champagne pink (PC) and red (R). The red one is considered the rarest followed by purplish pink, then pink, rose pink and lastly champagne pink. The clarity of the pink diamonds is not mentioned as this characteristic is not as important for fancy coloured diamonds as their flaws tend to be less visible.

Price of Argyle Pink Diamonds

As expensive as regular pink diamonds are the certified Argyle pink diamonds are even more expensive. The price of the pink diamond is set according to the carat weight and the colour intensity. The intense the colour the more expensive the diamond will be. The red one is the most expensive, then comes the purplish pink, pink, rose pink and then the least expensive is champagne pink. Roughly the price can be between $140,000 and $180,000 for a 1-carat pink diamond.

If you are considering buying Argyle pink diamond then ensure that it is certified and has a registered lot number. Buy it from Australian Diamond Company - a reputable jeweller in Melbourne CBD.  

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