Why Choose Lab-Grown Diamonds Over Natural Diamonds in India?

by Naitri Sharma Content Writer

If you are wondering which of the natural and lab-grown diamonds are real, both are real as they are composed of the same chemical. In 2018, the Federal Trade Commission released an updated guidelines ruling that lab-made diamonds are not synthetic but lab-grown diamonds. The natural and lab-grown diamonds have the same optical and chemical properties, making them lovely gems for any type of jewelry. Below are reasons why lab-grown diamonds are preferred over natural diamonds.

Lab-Grown Diamonds Cost Less

The price is a vital factor that should be considered when deciding between lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are cheaper than you think but are priced more competitively than natural diamonds. Although the capital costs of lab-grown diamonds are similar to natural, they have a shorter supply chain. The lab-grown diamonds did not undergo the mining process; thus, they are much cheaper than diamonds.

Natural diamonds are rare, which makes them expensive. It is taken deep in the earth and only surfaces during volcanic eruptions. Lab-grown diamonds are not dependent on nature because they are man-made, meaning they are more abundant. Thus, it is cheaper.


There are few noticeable distinctions between the appearance of natural and lab-created diamonds, especially when viewed with the untrained or unaided eye. Lab-created diamonds have identical optical properties and behave identically to natural diamonds. This indicates that both types of diamonds are ideal for any jewelry since they have the desired brilliance, sparkle, fire, and other attributes.

In layman's words, they appear identical because lab-created and natural diamonds share the same chemical structure. When it comes to rings, bracelets, and other jewelry, they are both excellent choices.


Because lab-grown diamonds manufactured in laboratories are chemically identical to genuine diamonds, they are given the same grades. Naturally occurring and laboratory-produced samples are evaluated using the same criteria. Therefore, jewelry insurance can protect either of these precious stones.

An example of premium grade lab-grown diamond is the one being offered by INOX Jewelry. This lab-grown diamond stainless steel Miami Cuban chain bracelet is certified lead free, non-toxic, and safe for sensitive skin. Buy lab-grown diamonds only from a reliable outlet like INOX Jewelry.


In conclusion, lab-grown diamonds offer a compelling alternative to natural diamonds in India, marked by affordability, ethical production, and indistinguishable beauty. They stand out due to their lower cost, driven by shorter supply chains and the absence of mining expenses, making them an economically more intelligent choice. Despite being less expensive, lab-grown diamonds boast the same captivating appearance as natural diamonds, possessing identical optical characteristics that ensure they shine with equal brilliance in any form of jewelry. 

Furthermore, their authenticity is validated through the same rigorous certification processes applied to natural diamonds, ensuring buyers receive a product of uncompromised quality. Opting for lab-grown diamonds thus represents a cost-effective decision that aligns with ethical and environmental considerations without sacrificing the timeless allure and quality that diamonds are celebrated for. This balance of factors makes lab-grown diamonds an increasingly popular and sensible choice for consumers in India.

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Choosing lab-grown diamonds over natural diamonds in India is a decision backed by practicality, ethics, and environmental consciousness. With comparable beauty, certified quality, and a significantly lower price point, lab-grown diamonds emerge as an attractive alternative. For those seeking stunning jewelry without compromising on quality or breaking the bank, lab-grown diamonds are the way forward.

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