Physical Differences Between Lab Created Diamonds and Real Diamonds

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It is an ongoing discussion about the comparison between lab created diamonds vs real diamonds. While lab created diamonds have emerged as the next best alternative for natural diamonds, people are still skeptical to invest in them. It has gained a lot of hype, both positive and negative.

Lab grown diamonds are manufactured by recreating the natural conditions required for the creation of natural diamonds in a laboratory. They are manufactured under identical extreme heat & pressure conditions that exist inside the earth’s crust during the creation of real diamonds. They share the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined diamonds.


Differences between lab created diamonds and real diamonds

There are no visible differences between mined and lab created diamonds. The professional gemologist also requires specialized equipment to identify whether it is a real or lab created diamond. They are identical because they share the same optical and chemical properties. They have very subtle differences that can be identified only by professionals & sophisticated equipment designed specifically for the purpose.

There are very minimal physical differences between mined and manmade diamonds that are invisible to the layman’s eyes. Various other factors might convince you that lab grown diamonds are a better choice than mined diamonds-



The price of lab grown diamonds are 25-30% less than natural diamonds. They are significantly affordable and don’t insert a deep hole in your pockets. Though they share the same optical, physical, and chemical properties as mined diamonds.

The price difference is due to the supply. Natural diamonds are available in a limited quality because they are a consequence of natural conditions & take billion years to form. In the case of lab grown diamonds, there are no supply restrictions so prices are lower.



It is estimated that for every single carat of diamond, 250 tonnes of the earth are shifted. The environmental and humanitarian damage caused after the mining of real diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are a far more sustainable option than mined diamonds as they do not contribute to mining, environmental degradation & land pollution. They do not cause harm to the environment that can lead to permanent damage.


Fair working practices

Manmade diamonds are manufactured by employing fair & transparent working practices. There are no hazardous mining practices involved and exploitation of workers. The working practices involved in the manufacturing of lab growing diamonds are safe, ethical & employee-friendly.

Thus these are the factors in which the lab grown diamonds are a better choice than mined diamonds with no physical or optical differences.

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