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Although refrigerators generally operate very reliably, they can break down and, when they do, food can spoil quickly. There are a few simple troubleshooting and repairs to the refrigerator that you can handle yourself. As a result, you can save money, time and the hassle of waiting for help. The best way to increase the life of a refrigerator is to clean the condenser coils at least once a year. It is advantageous to clean the condenser coils on certain types of refrigerators, such as side-by-side and built-in models, at least twice a year. A refrigerator with black coils mounted on the back does not require semi-annual cleaning of the coils, but periodically vacates the coils.

·         Refrigerator Not Working at All: If the refrigerator light is not working and the engine is not running, here is the basic refrigerator troubleshooting you can do:

1.    Check its electrical power: Make sure the refrigerator is plugged into a live outlet that receives power (plug in a work light or an output circuit tester). If the outlet does not work, look for a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse.

2.    Make sure the cold control is set correctly.

3.    Get help if necessary: If you discover that the refrigerator is plugged into a working outlet, that its circuit breaker has not tripped, and that the cold control is properly set, but the appliance still shows no signs of life, leave the door closed to retain cold air and call a home appliance services.

·        Fridge Smells, Rattles or Leaks:

1.    If your refrigerator smells bad inside, even after removing all suspicious food, unplug it and remove the drawers and shelves to clean it thoroughly with soap and water. Then, rub it with a solution of 1/2 cup of baking soda dissolved in warm water.

2.    Also, clean the drip tray under the refrigerator - it can get moldy and awesome. If the odor still doesn't go away, try putting some charcoal briquettes in shallow bowls and placing them on the shelves inside the refrigerator to absorb the odors.

3.    Vibration noises usually come from loose parts such as loose condenser coils, clicking compressor tubes, or rollers and feet that are not evenly resting on the ground.

4.    Check for any loose parts and tighten them with a wrench or screwdriver. Then remove the bottom trim by lifting it from its supports and check the feet on the front of the appliance to make sure they all support the weight of the appliance - the refrigerator must not tip over. If necessary, turn the adjustable feet up or down so that they touch the floor straight.

5.    Leaks under a refrigerator usually come from a condensate tube that does not drain into a pan. A blocked freezer drain can also cause leaks.


·        Do not close the refrigerator door

A common cause of energy inefficiency in the operation of the refrigerator is a door that does not close or does not close properly. If the door does not close, the hinge at the bottom of the door may be worn. This cam is essentially a round pin that enters a circular hole. When troubleshooting your refrigerator, use a business card to see if the door seal closes securely around the perimeter of the door, as shown in the video above. If you test your door and find that it does not have a correct seal, adjust the door or, more likely, replace the door seal to correct the problem. You can buy a new refrigerator door gasket at a home appliance repair shop or online.

·        Refrigerator Light Stays On:

1.    Do you think the interior lighting of your refrigerator stays on even when you close the refrigerator door? A refrigerator bulb that stays on will warm the interior of the refrigerator, reducing its efficiency.

2.    Of course, you may not be aware that this is happening because you cannot see what is going on inside the refrigerator when you close the door. But, with most refrigerators, you should be able to see the light go out when the door is a fraction of an inch from closing.

3.    You can also feel the bulb when you open the door but do it carefully. If it stays on, it will be hot. It is very easy to tell if this is happening. Test the button on the light switch the door closes against. When you push it in, the light should go out. If it remains on, you must replace the light switch. Contact refrigerator repair service near me.

4.    If you are adept at simple repairs, this is a job you may be able to handle yourself, but be sure to unplug the refrigerator before working on it. You can buy a replacement refrigerator door switch online make sure you get one that matches your refrigerator model. Replacement instructions will be inside the package.

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