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A TV repair man can charge hundreds of dollars to repair a plasma TV, but you can save time and money by repairing yourself. It's easy to repair on your own if you know about plasma TV boards and parts. You can solve internal plasma TV problems such as dead pixels, screen repair, and other distortions.

  • y-sustain, which is located right here can also be called a y-sus board, a y-mainboard, and an SC board. So y-sustain here connects your PDP assembly through a buffer system most commonly known as a y-buffer or y-scan drive. Some common symptoms of a bad y-sustain are the TV shuts down. That would be your TV turns off, and then turns back on again and then turns back off and such. So it’s running through a power cycle. If you have no picture on the screen, this could also be y-sustain or if you have a dark picture on the screen. If you have a flashing screen with shadowy sections, this could be y-sustain. If your TV makes a popping noise, which is usually quite loud and then you have no picture on the screen, this could be caused by y-sustain. So, y-buffer can also be known as a y scan drive. This y-buffer again is what connects y-sustain to the panel. 
  • The orange-colored connections are built into the original TV panel and they connect to y-buffer. So if you have a problem with any of these ribbon cables here, they will not be repaired as they are connected to the panel. A common feature of a bad y-buffer board is if you have black horizontal lines across your entire screen and they run from one side to the other.         
  • The next one is the x-sustain board. Common terms for the x-sustain board are z-sus, z-sustain, x-sus, x-main. Common symptoms that your TV is showing that could be the z-sustain is you will typically have a picture of some kind on the screen, but it tends to look very red or purple, the picture could be very dark and flash a little bit, you could be getting slow-motion effects on the TV as the panel isn't charging and discharging pixels correctly. So that can be some common problems that could be your x-sustain.
  • We are looking at one of the common causes of a wide sustained failure which is a bad buffer. When wide sustained fails you'll have different symptoms and issues, some will explode and it will sound like a firecracker going off on the TV. Other sustains you may get a light popping noise and it could be silent as well. On some TVs especially Panasonic's you could receive an error code. On most TVs when y-sustain fails you will get no picture on the screen or a distorted picture. A distorted picture could have a lot of snow that is sometimes colored or the picture could look shadowy if the sustain has failed you will have no picture on the screen at all. Some of the other causes of a bad wide sustained could be a shorted component like fat or a diode.

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