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If your TV is not turned on remotely or by pressing the power button, try these troubleshooting steps. In these troubleshooting steps, we use a multimeter to check a certain voltage. Make sure you have the right training, experience, skills, and equipment to continue troubleshooting and use a multimeter to check voltages on the TV. Try all repairs and fixes at your own risk other than call TV service Bangalore. We have an LED TV here.

  • The first thing I can do is to check if there is a standby light in front of the TV. Some TVs may show standby light, while some TVs may not.
  • If I see the standby light in front of the TV, it will show that I have the power to go to the TV, but it will not turn on. We will continue troubleshooting. I removed the back cover of the TV and use my meter to check the standby voltage on the power supply.
  • First, locate the power supply on your TV. Then look for the cable that runs from the power supply to the mainboard. Then the board can see if there is a legend on it, which pins show what voltages. You want to look for something that shows a 5-volt standby. All boards are different, some have a legend, and some don't. Some are labeled pins and some are not.
  • If your board shows that the pin has a 5-volt standby, check that pin. 5-Volt Standby But if this doesn't show up, you want to check all the pins on the cable at once and look for one of them to be 5 volts. As you can see, both pins show 5-volt standby. I'll check pin 1. Make sure your TV is plugged in.
  • After you check the pins, if you have a 5-volt standby, but do not power your TV, I recommend changing the mainboard. If you do not have a 5-volt standby, you are not getting electricity from the power supply board, and if the TV is properly plugged in, I recommend replacing the power supply board.
  • Here's a quick recap of our first step to fixing the feature if your TV isn't powered on. If you check the 5-volt standby on the power supply, and your meter shows 5 volts, then your power supply is working, but the mainboard TV is not turned on. So, I recommend changing the mainboard.
  • If you are checking for a 5-volt standby, and you do not receive 5 volts on your meter, I recommend that your TV not receive power and replace the power supply. This test is a great place to start to address these symptoms.
  • In some rare cases, if you have a standby, and your TV is not powered on, the problem may be a part of the power supply board, however, to start troubleshooting, it is recommended to replace the mainboard first.

·        To replace the power supply board or main board, contact a TV service center in Bangalore. Only original parts are used in repair or replacement.

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