Top 13 GPS Tracking Frequently Asked Questions You Should Know

by Concox Garin Marketing Manager
In this article, we will help you solve the GPS Frequently Asked Questions that people have before purchasing a GPS tracker.

1. What are the benefits of a GPS tracker?
The benefits it has for a company when implementing a GPS locator in its fleet of motorcycles, cars or vans are evident: optimizes the logistics of the company and supply chains reducing both time and management costs, Improves the experience of the final customer by offering the possibility of being permanently informed of the location of your shipments or the distance a messenger is missing to reach his destination, etc.

But in addition to advantages for companies, the GPS tracker also has important advantages for ordinary citizens, since it gives us benefits that substantially improve our quality of life: location of minors or lost pets, location of computers, mobile phones or stolen cars, location of lost hikers and skiers, etc.

2. How can I check the location?
The location of the device can be viewed in a web browser on your computer or mobile device. The map presents the current location of all devices. You may start a trial with Concox Tracksolid tracking platform.

3. How do you install a GPS device?
Installing a GPS device is very simple. If you got a wired GPS tracker, there are 3 cables that connect:
Red: Connected to the power or energy line.
Black: It is the cable that connects making "ground" in the vehicle.
Yellow: Connects to a line that only has power when the vehicle is started.
For the wireless tracker, you can simply put it anywhere, the GPS device can be adhered to discreet places, for example under the dashboard, so that the unit remains hidden.

4. What is GPS?
The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a group of 27 satellites in Earth orbit, of which 24 are in operation and three extras in case of failure. When people talk about a "GPS"they generally refer to a GPS receiver. The US military developed and implemented this satellite network as a military navigation system but now allows everyone to use the signals for free.

5. How does the vehicle tracking work?
Vehicle tracking technology allows the user to see the position of their car by using an online platform to track in real-time. Once the device has been installed in your vehicle, the GPS (Global Positioning System) will determine the coordinates of the vehicle, which are then sent through a mobile network to our (mobile) servers. It is here where all historical and real-time data will be stored, which can be accessed at any time and place by tracking the RAM online portal.

6. Can I move my GPS tracker to another vehicle?
Yes. In case you need the tracking device to be transferred to another vehicle, all you need to do is put the equipment in the other car. Moving the unit does not mean that you are going to lose your data, all historical information will still be easily evaluable while the locator has an SD memory.

7. What do I need to activate my GPS tracker?
The only basic requirement to use a tracker is to have a SIM card. Depending on what use we want to give to the locator (follow-up in specific cases, follow-up 24 hours a day, anti-theft, etc.), and how we are going to use it (SMS or GPRS) we have to look at which company and rate are most advantageous to us, but anyone serves. 

8. How does a locator work via SMS?

When using a tracker via SMS you can request the position of the tracker at a specific time, and it will respond to you via SMS. With that SMS you will know where the locator is at a specific time, but you cannot know where it has been, you will not have any tracker location history if it does not have an SD memory.

By using the GPS Tracker with Tracksolid tracking platform, you can configure the locator to send data (coordinates, speed, battery, etc.) and automatically collects and stores that information through an SD memory. With this system you can keep a history of where it has been in the locator at all times, being able to consult that data at a later time (where the locator was at a specific day and time), make reports, configure advanced alerts (notice if the locator leaves a specific area, or if it moves outside authorized hours), and in general you will have many more functions than just use it with SMS.

9. Can other people have access to my account?
No. You are given a login name and password to access your locator information to track it from the platform in real-time without any problem since it is a unique account.

10. How many vehicles can I track at the same time?
The number of vehicles that can be tracked at once is unlimited. The GPS can provide the service you want if it has a tracking device.

Depending on the computer and web browser you probably won't want to show more than 50 to 200 vehicles on the map at the same time.

11. Can I track my vehicle from anywhere?

Yes. Concox GPS tracker can communicate GPS location data through cellular data networks or as a text message so you can locate your vehicle from anywhere.

12. Where should the GPS tracking device be placed?
All GPS tracking devices require a clear route for satellite signals. We recommend placing the GPS tracker in an area of your car within a window view. The GPS tracker will have poor reception if you are in an airplane, a metal building, underground or in some of the large parking structures. That's why we recommend you Where to put your GPS Locator correctly?

13. How can I stop unauthorized driving?
Some vehicle tracking companies will tell you that it has a cost, but this feature is already incorporated into the unauthorized tamper-proof driving system. The truth is that any vehicle tracking system can be deactivated. Just by sending the correct command by means of a text message to the GPS locator, it will stop immediately to avoid any theft.

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