Frequently asked questions about Cladding EWS

by Mohit J. White Hat Link Building Services

An external wall system or EWS is all of the outside of a residential building’s wall. This includes cladding, fire break systems, insulation and so on. An EWS1 survey is an inspection of that specific component of the property. Here are some of the FAQs about it.

Q1. What is an EWS1 form?

A1. This is for residential properties where there are multiple tenants like a block of flats, or dormitories, student accommodation, care homes and such. It is not as much for somewhere like hotels where the stay is short term. The form is essentially a cladding survey and check of the EWS to make sure it is in line with government regulations and is as safe as it can be. It is something lots of people might want to know, renters, buyers, valuers, lenders and sellers included. A qualified expert will conduct an assessment on the EWS and then sign the EWS1 form and this is then valid for five years before you have to do it again. Not every building requires it so check that out before you start making those calls.

Q2. Does every renter in each flat need a personal EWS1 form to buy, sell or remortgage?

A2. One form is only needed for the whole building, individual flats do not need personal forms.

Q3. What impact does the EWS1 survey have on remortgaging, buying or selling a flat?

A3. This has been adopted across the whole industry and agreed upon by lawyers, valuers, developers, agents, fire engineers, insurers, lenders and so on. It is something that might affect the value of a property if the EWS is unclear or not recently surveyed. The survey has one of 2 results, 1) the materials are not likely to support combustion or 2) there are combustible materials in the external wall in which case there are another 2 options either a) The fire risk is low and no work is needed or b) the fire risk is high and action needs to happen.

Q4. If the owner of the building has not tested what does the seller of a flat need to do?

A4. If you are selling your flat you can make a request to the managing agent or owner to have an EWS survey done. The person that is responsible for the property must confirm what the wall system consists of and why they think an assessment is not required if that is the case.

Q5. Can the seller or buyer start the EWS or cladding survey if the owner of the builder doesn’t?

A5. Only the owner can undertake this process. You need to talk to them to get it started. Ask them as early as possible in case they do not get to it.

Q6. If the owner of the property will not undertake this process to start an assessment what can you do?

A6. If an owner either claims it is not their duty or just will not do it, you can contact the local council for more information. You can also pass this on to the Fire and Rescue Service because it suggests the building is likely unsafe and not up to regulations.

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