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The world is changing fast and so is increasing the competition in every field. Nowadays it's very important to have skills to survive in any industry. Short-term professional courses help learn new skills in a short period and cost less. Short-term professional courses have the following benefits.

  • Time and money-saving

While degree courses take 3-4 years and a heavy amount of money, short-term professional courses take less time 2-6 months and are less costly.

  • Long term benefits

Short-term or short-term professional courses help in the long run as they are considered in promotions, job interviews, and resumes.

Top 10 short-term professional courses in Ghana. 2021 Edition

Below listed are the top 10 professional courses in Ghana which will help land you a better job.

  1. Business Analytics

Business Analytics is when we use skills, technology, and data to study and boost business performance. Business Analytics is one of the most important skills required nowadays in the corporate industry and has very high-paying jobs available for capable candidates. It's a form of data management. In the professional courses in business management, things like Importing data, Restructuring data, Data visualizations, Constructing a workspace, Formatting, and entering data, are taught.

  1. Full-stack web development

Full-stack development is developing both ends of a project, the front and back end.  You need to know a lot of computer languages to become a full-stack web developer. A short term professional course in full-stack web development contains topics such as 

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, .NET, SQL, DevOps, Node.js, React JS, MongoDB, Angular, jQuery and Linux advanced administration.

  1. Data science

Data science is presently one of the most promising careers. Data science is the process of collecting, Maintaining, processing, analyzing, and communicating data. A short professional course in data science has statistics: Introduction, Machine learning, Decision trees, and random forest.

Logistic regression. It also has unsupervised learning, Association rule mining, recommendation engines, Artificial intelligence: Introduction, Time series analysis, and Naive Bayes.

  1. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a blend of hardware and software. It is the future of the tech industry. Artificial intelligence is nowadays used in every field, including medicine, tech, sports, academics, etc. The job opportunities after completing a short professional course in AI are immense. Some of the major computer languages used in artificial intelligence are Java, Python, HTML, C, C++.

  1. Digital marketing

Digital marketing is the new trend as everything is going online. Due to the advancement in technology and excessive use of the internet, the jobs for digital marketing have shot up to a new level. It includes email marketing, Landing pages, Affiliate marketing, Content marketing, and Influencer marketing.

  1. Programming languages

Programming has always been a major skill that people, companies, and employers look for because programming can blend with everything. Some of the major programming languages are Java, Python, HTML, C, C++, etc.

  1. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is a system that records data and information in a packed way, and it's difficult to hack or cheat. It is usually used to make public ledgers. Professional courses in blockchain Technology consist of modules like Detailed study of Blockchain, Bitcoin mining, Ethereum and working with smart contracts, Setting up a private Blockchain environment, Hyperledger, Hyperledger Composer, And Creating a private Blockchain with MultiChain.

  1. Website Development

Website Development is a skill that has a lot of demand. It includes making and managing websites. The major job of a website developer is to make the Website fully functional and presentable. This Also requires good designing skills. The short-term professional courses in Website development teach fundamentals of HTML, Fundamentals of CSS, Interactivity using JavaScript, Database management, Server-side website programming, HTTP servers, And Application Programming Interfaces.

  1. Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is an on-demand service of computing services such as servers, storage, databases, networking, software, and analytics. It is a useful skill, and there has been a huge demand in the industry for this skill in recent years. A cloud Computing professional course consists of Cloud Computing solution architectures, Targeting the right solution architecture, 

Cloud ecosystem, Technology engineering of Cloud Computing, Cloud service life cycle, Provider perspective in setting up cloud environments, Consumer perspective on setting up cloud environments, Types of XaaS solutions and

Service transition and service transformation.

  1. UX/UI designing

User experience and user interface skills are high demand, but unfortunately, not many people know about them.  The user interface works on the layout and design of the website, whereas user experience is responsible for the working of the interface. It consists of modules such as Creating wireframes, mockups, and prototypes; Testing designs through usability studies; changing designs based on feedback.

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