Tip on Preparing the Asphalt Driveway for Paving

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A driveway in your property could face a good amount of wear and tear, if it is used on a regular basis. Till some time, steps like patching, etc. works, but eventually, there comes a time when you have to go for asphalt paving. For this, a couple of things will be required at the earliest, i.e. skilled and learned professionals from a reputed asphalt company Sydney and a prepared asphalt driveway. Coming to the second point first, prepping up a driveway for paving involves a number of steps and the good thing is that most of them can be taken through DIY itself. 

Here in this post, we will go through these steps and later, we will try and explore some useful tips on finding high quality asphalt contractors.

Prepping a Driveway before Asphalt Paving-

Remove Tree Roots-

  • This step is mentioned here, but the point to remember is that it does not apply on everyone, but only on those having bigger and old trees around their properties.

  • In that case, there are chances of the roots of those trees giving underneath the driveway to be paved.

  • According to the experts, this is a step not to be missed at all because roots present underneath the driveway will cause asphalt to swell up in some areas and later, crack away.

Tear Out Old Asphalt-

  • Out of all the steps discussed here, this one is the first thing that you should not attempt at all and rely upon high quality asphalt contractors for the same.

  • After determining the condition of the asphalt there, they will decide the further course of action and in a majority of cases, they use skid steer loader.

  • Using this machine, they will strip away the top, black layer from your driveway and leave it fully exposed.

  • That black layer is the older asphalt that would be taken to recycling centre and based upon its quality, they will determine what to do with it.

Grade the Sub-Base-

  • Grading the sub-base on the driveway is very important, as it will let the water flow constantly towards the drains rather than getting collected at one place.

  • This step becomes so essential because Proper drainage is just as essential for your driveway as the asphalt material on top. 

  • This step also has to be taken by the experts from the chosen asphalting company Sydney and ignoring this will later result into nasty potholes and a shoddy-looking driveway.

Compact the Sub-Base-

  • The term, "compacting the sub-base" here generally means making the subway equally dense all across the asphalt paving as this will result in a smooth and durable surface. 

  • This task will also require machinery and staff from the chosen asphalt company Sydney and they will use heavy manual or vehicle based rollers to compact the sub-base material.

  • This step from them will ensure that the driveway comes out to be a nice and smooth and moreover, it is aid that this compaction will increase its life too.

Choosing the Right Asphalt Company Sydney

  • Look For A Company That’s Been Around For A Long Time 

  • It Should Have A Diverse Portfolio Of Asphalt Work

  • They Use High-Quality Equipment To Complete Their Paving Jobs

  • Check The Contractor’s Prices Versus The Competition

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