Things that you must carry while relocating home

by Ram Sewak Transportation
The safety of your stuff while packing and moving is a primary concern especially when you have to relocate to a longer distance. This is why we give so much importance to proper packing and also prefer to hire good moving companies, Agarwal packers who are well equipped to ensure maximum safety of your articles during transportation.  

But there are certain essential items that you should keep with you on the day of moving. However, it is not that they are not safe in the hands of the trusted movers, but it is just to make sure that the items are not getting misplaced or damaged in any case, you must carry them with you all the while.

Today in this article, I am going to discuss the things that you must keep with you n the day of relocation so that while packing, you can keep them at some other place or inside a bag that you are going to carry along throughout the journey.

Well, before actually starting with the list of goods that you must carry, I just want to make one thing clear i.e. these items are totally different from what we pack in our essential box.

And in case you are not aware of what an essential box is, let me tell you. It is an essential box containing all the essential items that are needed for you to survive during the initial days in your new home.

Essential things that you keep with you

Relocation is not only about packing and transporting your goods from place to place. It is also about the physical pain and strength that is being indulged in it. If it is a long-distance move, you will have to travel that distance and in order to make the journey more comfortable, you should carry certain essential stuff with you.  

Also, you must keep all the belongings that you cannot afford to lose in any situation to ensure maximum safety for these goods. However, in most cases, things may get delivered to you after you have already relocated so handling some immediate items to the moving companies may become a problem for you.

Here is the list of what to keep with you on the day of shifting:

Essential paperwork and documents- The first and foremost thing that you may need at any stage of your move are the documents. The list of documents includes:

Birth certificate

Educational and academic records

Degree and stuff

Bank passbook


Driving license

These all are extremely important. In fact, if you are moving with your family, ensure the important documents of your family are also taken in the car wherever and whenever you are traveling.

Try maintaining a separate bag for carrying all these papers or you can even use a binder or a folder to keep everything safe during a move.

Eatables- Though you must be aware that there is always an option to order food online, the condition may not be suitable all the time. For instance, if you are going somewhere and you have taken a route that doesn’t have any food stops or you may feel hungry but there is nothing available that you could eat. So, in such a case, there is an option to buy and store the foodstuff in advance as staying hungry is not a good option.

Moreover, if you have kids, then carrying their special food with you is of utmost importance. The same goes for while you have pets to be carried and moved along.  

Water- Well, mentioning only food to survive is unfair because water is equally important. Both the things are essential for survival and you need to keep water bottles with you throughout the journey. It is very important to stay hydrated throughout the way and for that, you need ample water to be available according to t the number of family members available with you at the time of travel.

Clothes and toiletries- You must be thinking about how to carry your clothes along? Well, the clothes will be automatically packed if you have hired movers and packers as they have specially framed boxes to pack and move the clothes. But while you are traveling, you need at least a single pair of extra clothes with you. This way, you can change whenever you need it without even realizing any need for unpacking the boxes quickly.

Talking about toiletries, there are few items that you need on regular basis. Therefore, make sure to carry such toiletries with you while moving. Some of them are wet wipes, comb, moisturizer, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.

Secure your Keys- The next step is to carry your keys safely. Many of us have a habit of losing keys so be careful and make sure you keep each of them safely with you or you can hand them over to any responsible person in your family.

Adequate cash- It is always recommended to carry some cash with you whenever you are relocating to some other place. This is actually for emergencies that might occur in the middle of the way. Also, if by a certain chance your card gets misplaced or net banking stops working, you will always have an option to make payment via card.

Medicines along with the prescriptions- It is advisable to carry your medicines and their prescriptions with you, especially the medicines that you or your family intakes. Make sure you don’t forget such important things behind as it can convert the hassle-free journey into a big problematic situation.

Miscellaneous items- After packing everything according to your requirement and nature, it is time to pack some of the items that don’t have a separate category but are of equal importance. It includes some stationery items like a stapler, cell tape, glue stick, etc, and other things like safety pins, needles, and so on.

Read the above details carefully and make it a part of your upcoming move. Furthermore, if you are worried about the packing and moving tasks, then you can simply call and book moving experts- Agarwal packers and movers.

Happy Moving!

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