Things That you May Not Know about Surrogacy and Surrogate Mothers

by Samit Sekhar Co-owner @ Gurgaon Fertility Centre

Before getting down to the fact about how to use a surrogate, let us have a quick insight into what surrogacy is. Surrogacy is a sort of arrangement which is often endorsed by a legal agreement in which a woman agrees to get pregnant and give birth to the child for another person when the couple fails to give birth to a child. It is a tricky procedure and the legalities vary from state to state. Whether you are looking for a surrogate mother in Gurgaon or elsewhere, you need to know certain things.

·         What are the different types?

·         There are two different types of surrogate mothers.

·         Traditional Surrogate:

This is the conservative procedure wherein a woman gets artificially inseminated with the sperms of the intended father and then she carries the baby till the delivery. So, the traditional surrogate is the biological mother of the baby and it was her eggs that get fertilized by the father. If the father has any problem, sperms of the donor can also be used.

Gestational Surrogates:

This modern technique of surrogacy is also known as IVF or In vitro fertilization. In this procedure, eggs are gathered from the mother and fertilized with the sperms from the father and then the embryo is placed in the uterus of gestational mother. The gestational surrogate then carries the baby until birth. In this case, the gestational surrogate is known as “birth mother” and the biological mother is the one whose eggs get fertilized.

These days gestational surrogacy has become more common as more and more people are practicing it. Most of the people opt for using a surrogate that is in their own relationship but in some cases, people take the help of surrogate agencies that can give them medically tested women fit to be a surrogate.

Who all can use a surrogate?

If you are an intended parent, you can consider a surrogate mother for the reasons like:

·         Having medical issues with the uterus.

·         You had hysterectomy where the uterus is removed.

·         Conditions that make pregnancy are not possible for you due to aging or otherwise.

·         When you suffer from conditions like severe heart disease.

You can think of surrogacy when you have tried out several options and cannot get pregnant with the variety of assisted reproductive methods like the IVF etc. It is bliss for any woman to bless somebody with a child but if you are looking for a surrogate mother in Gurgaon or elsewhere, it is good to get the lady medically screened first.

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