The Ultimate Guide for Choosing An ESD Floor Mat

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A Static Protected Area is incomplete without an ESD Floor Mat. ESD mats can eliminate static from their surfaces and people who stand on them. The mat's conductive material draws in static and sends it to earth.

This is done by connecting the mat with the ground (typically, the center screw at an outlet) using a ground cord. ESD footwear, such as ESD shoes or heel grounders, is essential when using an ESD flooring mat. Otherwise, static will stick to the body.

You can find a wide range of ESD floor mats online, or in ESD catalogs.

The key considerations when choosing an ESD floor mat:

Intended Use

ESD mats can be found in three types: anti-fatigue, floor runners, and floor tiles. The intended use of the mat will determine which type to choose.

Will people spend a long time on them? Then, an anti-fatigue ESD mat is a great choice. To cover the floor or wheeled carts to roll over them, select an ESD floor runner. And ESD floor tiles may be your best choice if you want to cover a large area.

Anti-Fatigue Matting

Research shows that ESD anti-fatigue mats make workers more comfortable, which leads to fewer injuries and higher productivity. ESD anti-fatigue comfort rugs are essential for workers who need to relieve pain and fatigue in the lower back, leg, and foot.

There are many styles and thicknesses of anti-fatigue mats that can be purchased to suit your budget and needs. Some mats are made of a soft, spongy foam material while others may feel harder at first.

Floor Runners

The term "Floor runner" refers to mats that are both long and narrow, and cover large areas. ESD floor runners can be found at building entrances and hallways as well as in front of long workstations. They are often thin to avoid trip hazards and offer little to no anti-fatigue comfort.

Common ESD floor runners can have a V Groove or a smooth finish. Some runners can be used with ESD rolling chairs because they are durable and strong enough.

Floor Tiles

ESD tiles can be used as puzzle pieces that interlock to create large floors. ESD tiles come in a variety of materials, including vinyl, rubber, and laminate. Laminate tiles are often thin and ridged. Many types of laminate tiles require gluing.

Rubber tiles are thicker and more durable and can provide anti-fatigue. Vinyl tiles can withstand heavy lifting and are very durable. Non-glued-down ESD tiles can be disassembled and reconfigured or moved to another location.

The Composition

ESD floor mats are typically made of vinyl or rubber. Vinyl mats are cheaper and more flexible than rubber mats, but they can be less durable than rubber mats. Rubber mats that are molded in one layer are the most durable.

Some floor mats have both a rubber top layer and a vinyl bottom. Although these mats sound great, they can become brittle and lose their shape over time.

Depending on the application, thickness, texture, and cushioning are all important considerations.

Electrical Performance

Static control mats do not all have the same qualities. All ESD materials can be subdivided into insulative, dissipative, and conductive terms. Surface resistance refers to how quickly an electric charge can travel through a medium.

ESD floor mats should fall within the conductive range for most applications. ESD floor mats can get dirty over time, which can affect their ESD properties. To ensure that you are grounded, you should start with a conductive floor mat.


ESD floor mats are typically available in workstation-sized mats, and in interlocking sections. It is easy to cut and has an extended shelf life. If you need to cover more areas or expand, buy a whole roll and then cut the pieces as necessary.

Many suppliers offer pre-cut mats ready to use with the grounding hardware already installed. Although they are more costly, these mats can save you a lot of time.


To narrow down your options for an ESD mat, consider your application. You can decide whether to buy a complete roll of mats or a pre-cut one.

Don't let price dictate your decision. A few extra dollars spent on inferior matting can lead to catastrophic damage, latent failures, and customer complaints.

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