The Possible Reasons Behind the People’s Attraction Towards Solitaire

by Kristina Williams SEO

Solitaire is the most popular game that has been floating around us since centuries. It is primarily a single player card-game where the player has to arrange various cards in order to make four combinations. The four suits of the playing cards pertain to four different combinations or sequences. As it is a sequence, hence the player should do it in serial order, from Ace to the King, in this case. 

Solitaire is one of a kind because it serves two purposes. One, it relaxes our mind after a tough day at work. Second and the most important one, it plays a crucial role in strengthening our thinking abilities. That is why there are so many Solitaire lovers across the globe. 

We will take a further in-depth look into the possibilities that drive a huge number of audiences to the game of Solitaire. 

  • The Easiest Card Game Ever

Video Games which have complex gameplay are a big turn off. In this fast-paced world, no one has the time to understand the rules of a difficult game. Here, Solitaire holds an edge over all the other games. It has the easiest rules of all. With its introduction on the mobile phones, it has become much more simpler. 

Basically, on the screen of the electronic gadget, there are 7 tableaus on the bottom of the screen. The number of cards in the Tableaus increases from 1 to 7 as we move left to right on the screen. One more thing, the topmost card of each Tableau is face up. In addition to this, there is a Stock Pile on the Top Right or in some games, Top Left, of the screen. 

With a single click, the card from the Stock Pile is dealt and it should be placed in ascending order on any one of the Tableaus, wherever it fits the best. Also, the placement of the cards should be done in alternating colors. To understand better with an example, the 3 of Clubs can only be placed under the 4 of Hearts or the 4 of Diamonds. 

Apart from that, there are four foundations, where the first card placed should be the Aces of the Four Suits. When all of the Foundations are filled with cards, you will win the game. 

That’s it. You need to grasp only this much information, and you are all set to embark on the journey of Solitaire. 

  • By Competing With Yourself, You will be Able to Become a Better Version of Yours

As it is a single player game, hence the dependency over others diminishes. Whether you are outside somewhere or in the comforts of your home, you can play Solitaire whenever you want to. Here, you are competing against yourself. 

You can better yourself by finishing the subsequent games in less moves than those of your previous games. Apart from that, there is a Standard Scoring Section, where you will get points according to the moves. 

For example, the movement from Waste to Tableau will give you 5 Points, whereas the movement from Foundation to Tableau will deduct 15 Points. You can check your progress in the Achievements section of the Solitaire Games. 

With this, you will be able to develop the skills of Patience, and Tolerance. Moreover, you will also develop the virtue of self-confidence in yourself. 

  • The Creative Force Will Be Fueled Significantly

Solitaire inspires you to think in an innovative way, thereby, increasing your creativity. When you are devising new strategies to win the game, it adds a lot to your creative force. Working for long hinders your thinking ability and makes you feel redundant. Here, Solitaire proves to be of huge help. 

The different sort of movements, from the Stock to the Tableau, or from the Tableau to the Foundation, requires deliberation. Hence, while making all those movements, creativity and productivity, both increase by large. Moreover, it also reduces tension in your body. Thus, you can attain a sound sleep at night. 

  • The Eye-Catching Themes in the Mobile Game of Solitaire

The mobile versions of Solitaire come with eye-captivating graphics, where the gaming interface is made super simple. For instance, Camel Motion Inc. has launched its version of Solitaire^. Don’t forget to notice the caret symbol in Solitaire^. 

In Solitaire^, there are various attractive themes that you can apply to enhance your gaming experience. Additionally, Solitaire^ also consists of a variety of card covers that you can choose to add freshness to your Solitaire game. 

The themes such as the tropical rainforests, beachsides, starry nights, foggy nights, etc. increase the aesthetic appeal of the game. This is why Solitaire^ become an unforgettable game. 


In a nutshell, Solitaire^ is by far the best card game available on the planet. Play this game to increase your Patience, Perseverance, and Productivity. Whenever you feel bored, just pick up your mobile phone and start playing Solitaire^.


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