Solitaire — Reasons Why it is Still Popular

by Kristina Williams SEO

Solitaire—sounds nostalgic, doesn’t it? There is less room for doubt about it since many of you have grown up playing this game. At least, if not played, then you must have heard of it. This game of cards was actually first introduced by Microsoft’s Operating System. Its main goal was to teach people how to use the mouse on desktops and get a hang of it. People used to play this game at home, and even at work back in those days. It was a good way to relax your mind and also to pass your idle time.

There are certain advantages to playing this classic card game. Consider this. This game was first introduced in the 90s, and it has, since then, managed to remain popular even to this day. Ever wondered why? It is because of the added advantages that this game brings along with it. It has so far managed to hold the bastion of popularity in the digital gaming world. Now, you must be curious to know what makes Solitaire still popular and why people still continue to play this legendary game.

Let us walk you through some of them.

1.     No Hassle of Card Dealing: Solitaire was always popular. The Kings and Queens used to play this game many years ago. But the only difference is, while they had to deal with the traditional decks of cards, you do not. Can we thank technology for a moment? Let us agree with the fact that this card game hit its popularity after it was included in the Windows 3.0 software. As a result, it became more readily accessible to almost everyone. But most importantly, it threw away the trouble of dealing cards. Isn’t that wonderful? I mean, setting up the game in the traditional way with physical cards can be time-consuming and not everyone has the same level of patience. But with its digital version, whether online or offline, this is no more a big deal.

2.     It Provides Relaxation: Let us admit this. The very word “relaxation” itself is relaxing. And when playing a game of Solitaire could bring in the same feeling, what else do you need? It is a fun game, a really fun activity that relaxes you and your brain cells. In fact, here is a trivia for you. Back in the 90s when this game was first launched, office workers were the ones playing this game the most. Why? To beat work-related stress. This is why this is one of the best and unique games. It keeps your mind active and engaged while also relaxing it because it is not too intensive a game-play. It can put you into a meditative state.

3.     Gives You ‘Alone-Time’: You may have moments in a day where you want to remain undisturbed by others. Sometimes, having time for the self is normal and it helps you unwind your brain as well. There is more room for self-reflection. Now, since Solitaire is mostly a single-player game, it allows you to have that time for yourself. You can play it alone without letting anyone disturb or distract you from it. In fact, playing this game alone will help you improve your focus on it. Many people play this game to get away from others. So, if you want to have some alone-time, you know what to do.

4.     Improves Strategic-thinking: Playing a game of Solitaire helps enhance your strategic-thinking skills. It is not as complex as Chess. But it still involves planning and strategizing which is a good exercise for the brain. It helps you think and plan ahead. You have to develop and devise strategies depending upon the scenario that you face. All the analysis and calculations that you need in the game helps you in dealing real life situations as well.

5.     More Than One Version: Initially when the game was first introduced, you only had one version of this game called Klondike. This was eventually followed by Spider Solitaire and FreeCell. But now, with digital gaming, you can get your hands on more versions of this amazing game. Some of the amazing variants of this game are Tens, Pyramid Solitaire, Monte Carlo Solitaire, among others. So if you get bored playing one version, you can move on to the next and reap its benefits.

Camel Motion Inc. has also recently introduced its brand new version of the game called Solitaire^ that is unique and fun to play.


Solitaire continues to grow in its popularity. It is one of those games that you can barely get tired of. It is not only fun, but helps you improve your mental concentration and lets you unwind and relax after a stressful day. But at least, now you know why people still play the game and what makes it so admired. It is called Patience Game for a reason as it teaches one to be patient, resilient and focused. But above all, don’t forget how enjoyable it is. 

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