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by Kristina Williams SEO

Are you tired of playing the same old games again and again? Perhaps it's time to take a break from the cliched games for a while and enjoy a change of environment. Camel Motion's latest Slashy will amuse you and tickle your brain cells. Moreover, this puzzle game is the ideal form of amusement for you at this precise moment. 

Wait a second! Slice, did I just say that? To explode the discs in this wonderful game, you must place the proper slices on the discs. Of course, it certainly sounds exciting. Slashy is one of those casual games that, thanks to its user-friendly interface and straightforward yet appealing design, will keep you captivated. Last but not the least, everyone can enjoy this game from the comfort of their own homes, regardless of age, gender, or sexual orientation. 

What is all there in the Realm of Slashy?

In the realm of Slashy, treading is fairly simple. You just have to burst the discs in over 300 appealing levels of the game. And as you advance in the game, the difficulty level increases in the shape of discs and their divisions.

Further rules which you have to abide by in the realm of Slashy are:-

  1. Slices should be arranged on top of the discs according to their shapes. 

  2. In addition to it, you can check the upcoming slice from the "Coming Up" function.

  3. Finally, the discs will automatically burst when all the slices are applied. 

The Alluring Attributes of Slashy

Moving forward, Slashy offers three intriguing themes or backdrops. These are Nature, Night, and Default.

  1. Thematic Beauty

a) Nature:- This theme is ideal for those who enjoy the outdoors. Secondly, the users' gaming experience is made even more enjoyable and relaxing by the presence of a lovely mountain and a beautiful river.

b) Night:- This theme has an interesting background that looks like a starry night. Along with that, the dim surroundings with a faint tinge of purple are actually calming to the eyes and aid in maintaining attention.

c) Default:- The background color of this game's default theme is sky blue. Furthermore, this plain background is for individuals who desire things to be straightforward and uncomplicated. 

2. Multiple Varieties of Props

The creators of this gaming app have done all things possible to make this game engaging and exciting. After completing every 12th level, a variety of unique and appealing props becomes available. Probing further, the users can choose from a wide variety of available objects to advance in the game. Some of the incredible props include a football, CD, pizza slice, clock, button, kiwi slice, diamond, crystal ball, etc.

3. The Incredible “Hammer” of Slashy

This isn't your typical hammer. This hammer has the ability to free you from a jam. Actually, there are three hammers that you may use to balance out the slices and give them the proper form so they can fit on the discs. If you run out of hammers, you can always buy more by seeing some commercials. 

The Tribulations and Turbulences in the World of Slashy

As you go through the levels of the game, the difficulty level rises. The movement of the discs varies in the latter part of the game. Let me demonstrate.

  1. There are three discs accessible on level one. At each odd level, this rises.

  2. At level three, there are now four discs.

  3. There are three and four discs respectively for the second and fourth levels.

  4. This keeps happening until there are eight discs on the eleventh level.

  5. Three discs are present starting on the thirteenth level once more, and they keep increasing in a similar way.

Furthermore, there are some limitations in this game to make it more engaging. If you take an eternity to finish a level, there is no fun at all. In order to increase the adrenaline rush, a few restrictions are put in place.

Let's have a look at those Restraints

There are only a few number of movesets that you can use to finish a level. The game will be over if the specified move sets run out. Don't worry, though. Once you beat level 49 of the game, the movesets will no longer be limited; instead, a timer will take their place. The movesets will return once you reach level 96, at which point the timer will stop.


In amalgamation of all of the above,  Slashy is undoubtedly one of the most captivating casual games available because of all the above-said characteristics. So, what are you still holding out for? Download this fantastic game right away from your App Store and start bursting those discs!

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