The Most Easily Neglected Points in Volvo Generator maintenance

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In the past sales and after-sales service, Dingbo Power company found that many users done incorrect operation in the maintenance of Volvo generator. The data shows that the following maintenance points are the most likely to neglect.

1. Only know how to clean the air filter, ignore the intake short circuit. Some users lose the inner rubber pad after cleaning the air filter, or the air inlet pipe joint is not sealed, the rubber pipe is not clamped at both ends, and the rubber pipe is broken, which will cause the air short circuit, and make the unfiltered air enter the machine, and aggravate the wear of the compression system parts.

2. Only adjust the valve clearance and ignore the valve timing. When most users adjust the valve clearance, they only adjust it according to the specified value in the manual, ignoring the inspection of valve timing, especially for the aging machine. Due to the change of cam geometry after wear, the valve opens late and closes early, resulting in insufficient intake, unclean exhaust, increased fuel consumption and decreased power. Therefore, when adjusting the valve clearance of the aging machine, the valve clearance value should be appropriately reduced to make up for the valve timing error and realize the valve timing.

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3. Only look at the oil quantity of oil pan, ignore its quality. Replenishing engine oil depends on the quality and changing engine oil regularly. Long used engine oil contains a lot of oxidation substances and metal chips, which worsens the lubrication performance and aggravates the wear of parts. To this end, always check the oil quality.

4. Only pay attention to the quality of plunger and nozzle, ignore the technical state of oil valve. After the oil outlet valve is worn, the residual pressure of high pressure oil pipe will be too high, the oil will drip from the fuel nozzle, the engine will knock the cylinder at high speed, and the engine will be unstable at low speed. Therefore, in the inspection and adjustment of fuel injection quality, if there is no detector, the local method can be used, that is, the high-pressure oil pipe orifice is facing upward, the diesel oil is pumped out, the diesel oil is flush with the pipe orifice, the flywheel is quickly reversed for about half a circle, and it is qualified to observe that the diesel oil does not drop.

5. Only pay attention to the quality of valve and valve seat, ignore the quality of valve spring. When the valve leaks, the operator only changes the valve and valve seat, and seldom checks the spring force. In fact, when the elastic force is weakened, the valve closes slowly, and the pressure between the valve and the seat is not tight, resulting in air leakage, resulting in insufficient cylinder pressure and deterioration of the working condition of the diesel engine.

6. Only clean the oil filter element, ignoring the cleaning of the purified oil chamber. The connecting rod journal of Volvo diesel generator set is often hollow with oil plug at both ends, which is called purification chamber. Under the action of centrifugal force, the impurities of the lubricating oil stick to the cavity wall, so as to improve the lubricating quality. Generally, the oil plug should be removed every 500 hours (overhaul) to clean the impurities in the purification chamber and oil passage.

7. Only remove the carbon deposit in the combustion chamber, ignore the cleaning of the exhaust pipe. Some users do not remove the carbon deposit in the exhaust pipe and muffler, and the carbon deposit is thick, so that the cross-sectional area of the exhaust pipe is reduced, the exhaust gas is blocked, the exhaust gas is not clean, and the new air is not sufficient, which leads to the combustion deterioration and engine overheating.

The above is the common negligence of users in maintenance of Volvo generator set. Maintenance is to adjust the abnormal condition of Volvo diesel generator set, so that the unit can be restored to a good condition. Improper maintenance operation may aggravate the illness of the unit, which is contrary to the starting point of users, Dingbo Power company hopes that you can master the correct maintenance methods.

Dingbo Power company is a diesel generator set manufacturer in China, founded in 1974. Product covers Cummins, Volvo, Perkins, Yuchai, Shancghai, Ricardo, Deutz, Weichai, Ricardo, MTU, Doosan etc. Welcome to contact us by email or call us by phone +8613481024441.

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