Volvo Power Generator Engine Maintenance

by Generator D. Diesel Generator


Volvo Power Generator Engine Maintenance


Volvo Power Generator TAD734GE Engine Orientation

1. Crankcase ventilation, (sealed crankcase, ventilation optional)


2. Oil filler


3. Fuel filter


4. Common Rail unit, with safety valve and rail pressure sensor


5. Oil filter


6. Lifting eyes, (2 pcs)


7. Inlet, after charge-air cooler


8. Coolant outlet, from thermostat housing


9. Fan hub


10. Alternator


11. Drive belt


12. Drive gear, crankshaft


13. Oil pan


14. Tensioner pulley


15. Coolant inlet, to Volvo engine


16. Drain plug, oil pan


17. Oil cooler


18. Coolant pump


19. Outlet (option)


20. Oil dipstick


21. High pressure pumps


Engine, General


General inspection


Make it a habit to give the engine and engine compartment a visual inspection before starting the engine and after operation once the engine has stopped. This will help you to discover quickly if anything abnormal has happened, or is about to happen.


Look especially carefully at oil, fuel and coolant leakage, loose bolts, worn or poorly tensioned drive belts, loose connections, damaged hoses and electrical cables. This inspection only takes a few minutes and can prevent serious malfunctions and expensive repairs.






Accumulations of fuel, oil and grease on the engine or in the engine room constitute a fire hazard and must be removed as soon as they are detected.






If an oil, fuel or coolant leak is detected, the cause must be investigated and the fault rectified before the engine is started.




Washing with a power washer: Never aim the water jet at radiators, charge air cooler, seals, rubber hoses or electrical components.




Drive Belt, Check and Change




Always change a belt which is oily, worn or damaged. Belts which operate in pairs must be changed together.


Inspection should be carried out after operation, when the belt is hot. It should be possible to depress the drive belt about 3-4 mm (0.12-0.16") between the pulleys.


The drive belt has an automatic belt tensioner and therefore does not need to be adjusted.



Oil level, checking and topping up




Working with or approaching a running engine is a safety risk. Watch out for rotating components and hot surfaces.


When checking the oil level the vehicle should stand on level ground.


Only use a recommended grade of oil; refer to Oil recommendations.


Make sure that the oil level is between the MIN and MAX marks. Do not fill above the maximum oil level.

Oil filter, Change

Change the oil filters during each oil change.


Hot oil and hot surfaces can cause burns.

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