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by Marius Wlassak Business Media Consultant

Powered by Machines

Urban Legend

In the world of Bitcoin, Laszlo Hanyecz carved his name into history with a purchase of two Papa John’s pizzas.
It was a Saturday in May 2010 when a hungry Laszlo reached out to the web and asked a simple question – was there anyone out there who’d accept 10,000 Bitcoin for two pizzas?
Jeremy Sturdivant said yes – buying those pizzas with his own dollars and, however the transaction happened from there, Jeremy received the Bitcoin – then worth $80. When Bitcoin hit its all-time high, the value was closer to $200,000,000 – but we don’t know the fate of either Jeremy or those Bitcoins.

Powered by Machines

Bitcoin has value due to the same reason the paper and digital cash does – it’s a handy form of money commonly accepted by people. It is used to transfer value and buy or sell things. Yet, unlike the US dollars, whose value and legal status are enforced by the government, Bitcoin’s value comes from its code, infrastructure, scarcity, and adoption. It’s decentralized, provides some level of transparency, can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection, is impossible to counterfeit, but can (and often is) stolen.

The scarcity aspect has helped drive prices to around $8300 (per Bitcoin) today – but with an estimated 5.9m unique users – less than one-tenth of a percent of the global population, it’s not really a mainstream currency.
Bitcoin is “mined” by using energy-hungry graphics cards which perform mathematical computations to determine the transactional processes of the Bitcoin record. So much energy is used that one study equates this to the annual energy requirement of Switzerland.

That energy is simply being used to determine the next part of the Bitcoin blockchain and it sounds like the most stupid and wasteful idea ever. If those computations were solving world problems, such as finding cures for diseases, or answering wider scientific questions then both the energy use and the resultant information would be justified. Any decent environmentalist will look at Bitcoin and just not get behind the concept.

Powered by You
Designed to be Different

ONPASSIVE was designed as a way for ordinary people to easily own a piece of a new, secure digital wealth assets portfolio and easily acquire more. It also solves the energy requirements by not requiring the computational requirements of Switzerland. 

ONPASSIVE's A.I. driven solution is a climate-positive solution that has a BIG & true-market value assigned to it.

Early adopters of the GoFounders Position (still active for a very short time) will receive more advantages than those who follow, and we've previously discussed here all benefits.


ONPASSIVE is clever, and definitely appears to provide members with a stored and continously rising proprietary marketing systems and value. The question to be answered is whether it can be given the power to become a digital lifestyle par excellence - easily exchanging in seconds your actual lifestyle into that of financial freedom & wealth, in a secure way, while also being stable and unique worldwide.

GOFounders has a different "utility" inside the global impact that happens driven by the unique onpasive systems ... while it's engineered into the DNA of an own Ecosystem of ONPASSIVE.

But the doors to join it will be hidden at launch of ONPASSIVE ... soon while we figure out in this early stages whether it has a real reason to exist - beyond a novel, huge and never existed as such member benefit (in the business world on planet earth), brought by the final All-in-1 Place Business Marketing Management Of The Future, including internet communication at its best,...  which is ONPASSIVE.

To conclude:
1. OP = self-funding - Once paid (position and the Entry matrix 1, 2, 3 or 4) you will never pay anything more out of your own pockets, lifetime.

2. You will be forced to be successful.

3. OP is bringing  massive traffic 4U and building a team 4U, completely automated.

4. for OP - Customers are King !

5. The GoFounder position is a PREMIUM POSITION - major & multiple benefits 4U, far beyond the world to come.
See you all inside,
To your Success and Prosperity,

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