The benefits to be sure to know when wearing children's silver necklaces!

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Today, silver jewelry is too familiar to children, because wearing silver jewelry is not only effective in terms of aesthetics, but it also brings health benefits to use, especially. children. In addition to avoiding the wind, silver has many other uses that not all parents know. So what are the benefits of wearing a silver chain for children? This article will provide useful information for parents.

Benefits of wearing silver necklaces for children

According to folk beliefs, silver has a hydrophobic effect. However, Silver has many other effects on children's health. Around the world, according to the archaeologists, silver and silver ions can eliminate toxins such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, ... or recent scientific research shows that silver has properties that help balance other elements. placenta can, create bone healing, keep blood vessels elastic and heal skin. Silver jewelry helps children to have resistance against bacteria, making them healthier.

Ms. Hoang Mai shared: After giving birth to Bong, her grandmother bought her a set of bracelets and silver necklaces. At first, she did not want to wear it because she was afraid that when wearing a silver chain for a child it would damage the neck area, harm the immature skin of the child. But my grandmother still insisted on letting me wear it to prevent the wind.

According to the analysis of Bong's grandmother, who used to be a retired doctor: “Silver is extremely resistant to wind. Silver will help Bong reduce sickness more, I feel assured that my mother has raised 3 children and has experience. Just listen to mom, wear a silver bracelet for baby Bong. Its effects are great because silver helps this girl avoid H2S and SO2 poisoning. When meeting H2S and SO2, silver will react and dull. Therefore, if you take Bong to go out and see silver suddenly tarnish, you should stay away from the place full of poisonous gas.

Besides, the human body always eliminates dead cells. Cells are made up of proteins. Protein when dying is broken down into H2S gas. Therefore, humans always generate H2S gas. Although the content is low, but if it continues, it can cause disease for people, so the silver ring at that time has the effect of absorbing, reacting with H2S to create new substances safer for humans. Silver has such a great effect, so I can't help but give it to Bong baby ”.

It is true that in the process of giving the baby Silver to wear silver, Ms. Hoang Mai said she did not understand whether it was due to using a silver chain or because her body was good, even though she was 5 years old, Bong still did not have to take any pills.

On the other hand, Thu Huong does not need anyone to influence her. Huong automatically goes to buy children's silver chains to equip her. She believes that the silver chain will bring better resistance to her son. And as she expected, her baby is very healthy, stronger than her peers.

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Note when wearing silver necklaces for children

Silver Quality

When choosing to buy silver chains for children, what parents need to be very careful about is to choose to buy silver at a store with a reputable brand, ensuring the best silver quality, safety and health for children. Currently on the market, low-quality silver, silver containing fine-grained ingredients are widely sold, endangering the health of children, so choosing children's silver chains will be very difficult for parents. . It is best for mothers to buy Italian silver and Thai silver at stores that have a certificate of clear origin.

Designs, Designs

For designs, when buying silver chains for children, parents need to pay attention to the issue, silver chains must be meticulously machined, all sharp corners, burrs must be handled to avoid Danger to children. Parents pay absolute attention not to choose children's silver necklaces with sharp pendants such as: star, arrow, cross, ...

Where to buy silver chains for children safe?

Currently, in Hanoi there are many shops selling silver jewelry. However, it is not easy for parents to find quality children's silver chains because many shops on the market sell poor quality silver jewelry. So where to buy reputable silver chains for children?

May Jewelry is one of the brands with 10 years of prestige in the market specializing in providing silver jewelry in general and silver chains for children in particular with the best quality for babies. All products are made from high quality 92.5 Silver according to international standards, with clear origin and more, a variety of models for parents to choose from. This is also one of the outstanding advantages of May Jewelry compared to other silver jewelry stores on the market today.

The smart choice of parents is also ensuring the health of their children!

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