Synthesize great clothing tips that every girl needs to know

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Most girls have problems with clothes and don't know how to solve them. Or simply coordinating as well as "transforming" cheap clothes that look like fashion brands to help you confidently wear beautiful and more luxurious on the street without having to spend a lot of money on shopping.

1. Never buy torn items

Ripped items like jeans, though very stylish and stylish, are easy to get old and faded. And often to buy a pair of quality torn jeans, the price is not cheap at all. If you are a fan of denim, choose slippery jeans because they will make you look more elegant and luxurious.

2. Do not wash your clothes with the washing machine too many times

If you want to keep your clothes clean, taking them to the laundry won't be the only option. Because washing a lot will cause the fabric to degrade, quickly fade and age very quickly. If your items get dirty, use an old brush to gently clean them. If your item smells, hang it in front of the refrigerator overnight. This is a very effective secret, because the low temperature will help kill bacteria and odors.

3. Always simple

If you choose to buy cheap clothes, give priority to simple items and accessories instead of sparkling seeds, ruffles or folding glasses. In addition to the reason that the elaborate details will be more expensive, the basic items also help you easily mix with many different costumes and styles.

4. Choose black instead of brown

Browns and warm dark colors like lilac and olives often look dull and gray when printed on low quality fabrics. This is common in cheap clothes. Therefore, when buying clothes, girls choose for themselves black, white or light tones like pastel.

5. Adjustment in choosing underwear

Bra lines or underwear are often offensive, making your outfit look thin and a bit tight. Actually, the problem with cheap clothes is the thin fabric and the wrong shape. But just wearing the right underwear or a body-shaping underwear is enough to help cover these flaws, and the outfit is also much more luxurious.

6. Use small pieces to make patches and stitch around
Use small pieces to make patches and stitch them around

Get creative with a unique patchwork and charm with jeans. You can use small pieces to make patches and then embroider the threads around.

7. Use the small hook from the soda can to duplicate the clothes hanger

The small hooks from the soda can be used to duplicate the clothes hanger. With this idea you can pair the clothes of the week together, this way also saves closet space.

8. Know the right investment in the necessary item

The person who uses the item the right way is someone who knows how to spend it with his budget. It sounds simple, but this is a skill that not every girl can professionally grasp.

Before you want to buy something, you should consider how long you will use them, on what occasions and whether they will match the style you are building or not?

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9. Choose jeans that suit your body

Not a little black dress or a white shirt, jeans are the girls' favorite item in their wardrobe. You can wear jeans with almost all sorts of different items of all styles. How to choose jeans for each person's suit, therefore, becomes a prerequisite for girls when asked the first questions about fashion.

10. “Reset” style tips in just a few minutes

There are many cases where you encounter situations that change from a business outfit to a party outfit in seconds. The busy life of an active girl was always filled with such instant changes. And to master the skill "Reset" style in just a few minutes is a valuable thing to help you save time for yourself.

11. Goodbye to unused items

After a period of use, your fashion items will easily fall into outdated cases or simply no longer suit you as before. At this point you need to know which outfit you should be discouraged from and which one you can continue to use in the future.

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