13 principles for using a lawn mower correctly

by Davis Wendy Davis Wendy
Lawn mowers are one of the most popular products and their usage is relatively less complicated, but in order to use it effectively a lawn mower needs to master the techniques and principles of its use in order to function properly. machine and improve efficiency as well as ensure safety for users.

In the content of this article, Hai Minh Supermarket introduces you to 13 principles for using the right lawn mower the most important and easy-to-remember technique.

Principle 1: Check the lawn mower before use

Before using the lawn mower fully check the lawn mower. Are components such as blade screws or lubricating joints secure to function. Having some damage to the parts, especially the one that directly performs the lawn mowing, is dangerous for the user.

Principle 2: Use the right lawn mower

Do not think that any machine is a machine, any machine can cut the lawn. Depending on the different types of grass, there will be machines suitable for different cutting. For example, for mollusks, which are regularly cared for, lawnmowers with rectangular, star or circular blades are used. As for long-stemmed, long-grown grass that is difficult to cut, blade cutters should be used with different tamarind lines.

Principle 3: Prepare adequate protective equipment and machinery

Be sure to have adequate protective equipment such as pants, long-sleeved shirts, helmets, and especially boots when mowing the lawn. The machines for mowing the lawn should also be fully prepared, as said, in order to cut different parts of the lawn you should prepare different lawn mowers.

Principle 4: Look carefully at the mower's instruction manual

For products after purchasing in general and machines in particular, carefully read the manuals of the machine to be able to perform the steps from starting to use to achieve the highest efficiency. In addition, the manual section also helps a lot in proper maintenance to increase the life of the machine.

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Principle 5: Wear ear protection

Lawn mowing always makes a lot of noise, so wear a protective device to avoid damaging your ears during work. However, not listening to music while mowing the lawn will interfere with the mower malfunction and the user will not be able to handle it in time.

Principle 6: Circle the lawn area

Determine the exact area of ​​grass that you will cut, the thin thickness of the grass to be able to cut the most accurately. Avoid confusion while mowing the lawn.

Rule 7: Don't use your lawn mower for too long

Avoid using your lawn mower for too long. Should have a reasonable rest time for your lawn mower. Continued use of the machine will cause the engine to heat up, damaging the parts and reducing the life of the machine. The best advice is, after using it for a few hours, give the device a break for 15-20 minutes before continuing to use.

Principle 8: Make sure the lawn is free of obstructions

Remove rocky soil, gravel or other obstructions on the lawn for the fastest and most effective trimming.

Principle 9: Cut to opposite lines

You can use a zigzag cut, where you go up one line and then follow a line in the opposite direction right next to it.

Principle 10: Cut multiple directions so as not to miss

Cut in different directions to make sure you don't miss any of your grass that needs to be mowed.

Principle 11: Check your lawn collection

Check your lawn after mowing, if there is room left to hold the lawn, then continue, and if the container is too full, it's time to clean it.

Principle 12: Where to store lawn mowers

Choose a place to store the lawn mower that is not too close to a heat source, and not in direct sunlight. Choose an airy corner of the warehouse and put your lawn mower in it.

Principle 13: Warm up when not in use

Although not in use, it is still a good idea to restart your lawn mower from time to time to avoid oil or annual rust events.

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