Techniques to capture and hold your customers’ attention

by Jerry S. Jerry Stark is a professional writer and publisher

Huge volumes of information are constantly created and this isn’t necessarily a good thing. The more information we get, the more we feel overloaded. As we speak, tons of data are uploaded to the Internet. It’s difficult for a business to stand out in the age of information overload. But not impossible. If you truly want to grab customers’ attention, you can. However, it won’t be easy. Why? Because your retail business isn’t the only one in the industry. Customers have plenty of choices and they may not necessarily choose to do business with you.

 Even if you already have customers, you need more. There are never enough customers for your small business. How to attract customers’ attention? Chances are that you’ve asked yourself this question many times. We have the answer for you. Continue reading to discover what you can do to make potential customers interested in your store.

Use social media  

Social media is a great place to get more customers. Having a strong online presence is paramount for any brand. Social media posts can be used to drive traffic and to improve your website’s SEO – in other words, your presence in search engines. Social media marketing is effective when it’s done right, of course. If you take the wrong approach, you risk destroying your brand’s image and profit. To attract customers on social networking sites, this is what you need to be doing:

·         Actively engage with followers – the reason why your distinctive label appeal to people is that it’s interesting. Basically, people are interested in what you have to offer. Create content and information to keep your customers engaged. This doesn’t mean posting about your retail business, but starting friendly conversations. Search relevant keywords and hashtags and try to include them in your conversations. Make sure to engage only with relevant audiences.

·         Don’t overwhelm – speaking of information overload, it’s not a good idea to confuse your followers. Posting every hour will draw attention but in a negative way. You shouldn’t try too much. Create high-quality posts and post them several times a day. there is a wrong time and a right time to post. The latest research informs us that posts published between 1 PM and 4 PM have the best chance of being noticed.  

Integrate visual imagery in the retail environment

Catching the attention of a customer in a retail environment is challenging, especially if you’re surrounded by important names or national companies. So, what can you do? Well, you can use popup stands. Thanks to popup stands, you can get your message in front of the customer just before the competition astonishes them with their impressive packaging. What you need to understand is that shoppers now make purchasing decisions in-store, in spite of the online shopping boost. Using displays is essential when you’re trying to persuade people to buy from you. Get your hands on some portable popup stands. Sure, many developments have strict rules when it comes to sign policies, but we’re confident that you’ll manage to sort things out.

Popup displays operate like marketing tools, grabbing shoppers’ attention and creating emotional connections. You can count on them for retail visibility. Although they are commonplace at trade shows and exhibitions, popup stands can be used for indoor marketing purposes. Change the graphics every now and then. Using the same display in your retail store for a long time is a huge mistake.

Build long-lasting partnerships    

Have you ever thought about entering into a partnership? Maybe you thought it was a silly idea. Teaming up with another business gives you the opportunity to expand your client base. If you genuinely want to capture and hold your customers’ attention, you should leap into a partnership. It’s true that shoppers’ attention is limited, but something like you teaming up with a national company won’t go unignored. Getting a big brand to partner with you isn’t easy. It may seem like an impossible task, yet it isn’t.

You can’t just knock on the door of a major company and expect them to welcome you with arms wide open. You have to have a connection of some kind. Spend time with the most important players, complementing them on the success of the company. Don’t transform yourself into a stalker. Ideally, you should make friends in person. This isn’t to say that social networking sites shouldn’t be used. It’s just that in-person meetings are preferable. If your pitch isn’t well-received, don’t worry. Sometimes, it takes time to convince people about the brilliance of your retail business.

It’s important to say that these aren’t the only techniques you can use to capture and hold the attention of customers. There are many other things you can do to increase foot traffic to your store. Until you discover new ways, make sure to use the abovementioned suggestions. 

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Good article.Portable pop up stands do work very well in shopping centres etc and are relatively inexpensive. So good value customer attention grabber.
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