A list of sports you should try at least once in a lifetime

by Jerry S. Jerry Stark is a professional writer and publisher

Practicing sports is very important for a healthy life. Including physical activity in your daily schedule is a requirement, regardless of your age. The numerous types of sports you can try give you a lot of opportunities. If you become good at them, you can even start a career out of it. It’s obvious that getting older will reduce your chances of becoming a professional in the respective sport, but it will surely have a positive effect on your life. Practicing a sport can instantly boost your mood, can fill your spare time with something that’s actually productive, can influence the way your body looks and so on. Besides the health benefits of practicing a sport, your overall state will be visibly improved.

Depending on the sport that you decide to try, your body will be challenged. If you’ve never practiced sports before and now it’s the moment you decided to do it, take it easy. You can’t do everything that professionals do in just one day of practice. Start by playing the respective sport for fun and slowly build your way to the top. You can join social netball games in London or the local gym to get in shape. After you consider yourself prepared for more, you can step up the game and motivate yourself to get better and better. Here is a list of sports you should try right away:



If you’re not a fan of team sports, you can opt for swimming. It is a very relaxing sport that strengthens all the muscles in your body. Doctors and instructors recommend practicing swimming for children aged 6 months and older. Anyone can learn how to swim at any age, so you can decide to join a swimming club at any given moment. Swimming can be practiced both indoors and outdoors. The whole body is required to keep yourself above water and, besides visibly developing your muscles, you’ll also increase your lung capacity and resistance. Swimming helps with burning calories as well, in case you wanted to lose some weight. It is an entertaining and healthy activity that will change your life as soon as you start practicing it. 


In case you face cardiovascular problems, cyclin could help you out. Again, this is a sport that can be practiced either alone or in groups/clubs. There are cycling classes inside the gym or you can invest in a quality bicycle and explore the outside. Don’t expect to resist hours from the very first time you try cycling. It requires some resistance that’s build in time. Imitating the pace of another person who practices cycling long before you is a mistake. Avoid forcing yourself until you develop some strength. Invest in quality equipment so that you don’t get hurt. Cycling comes in various types to choose from. Ask the opinion of your instructor before starting a training.


As for team sports, you might want to start with tennis. The popularity of this sport is continuously rising. More and more people choose tennis over other sports because of recreational reasons. It seems to be very relaxing and challenging at the same time. You have to learn how to multitask and pay attention in multiple places at once. It does involve a lot of your physical force as well and it involves working well in a team. Tennis will help you maintain an enviable physical shape, will teach your body how to cope with rhythm breaks and improve all of your reflexes. This sport is a great way to start your sports journey at any age.


Judo is not all about the sport itself. It is about discipline and changing the way you live. This sport can help you become more organized and lead a better lifestyle. Practicing Judo can influence the way you develop as a person, both physically and mentally. It is a great idea to try Judo if you’re coping with a difficult moment in your life. Your body will thank you for making such a decision.


One of the most popular sports in the word is represented by basketball. This sport gave birth to some other sports that attracted fans quickly. One of these sports is netball. It demands team spirit, intelligence and physical abilities all at once. Also, many championships and contests take place when it comes to Netball. This sport is very appreciated in most parts of the world. Netbusters London Netball leagues are well-known among passionate people. Besides actually playing the sport, you have to develop technical tactics to win. Netball is fast paced and includes activities such as running, jumping and throwing a leather ball. Netball is at the top of the list of sports chosen by people to relax in their free time. 

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