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E commerce is a booming technology which has provided some great benefits to both the industry and the customers. Customers can now shop from their homes which has pushed the level of ease of shopping to a whole new level. The ability of hassle free shopping is what makes ecommerce popular.

Also, ecommerce has provided the companies with the ability to serve a larger audience and avail quick payments. Companies can compete with industrial giants on level playing field and grow their business with much more ease.

Sounds like online store is a bet that you would never lose. But, on the flip-side, ecommerce has also delusioned and contaminated the belief systems of some small businesses which has resulted in the increase in number of failed ecommerce businesses. The rate continues to increase as businesses continue to dive into the haven of eCommerce which attracts them with the shining bright light of opportunities but turns out to be a murky tunnel with no end. 
Don’t believe me? Well, try it yourself. 

How many ecommerce companies do you know about? You might use ecommerce on a regular basis but naming 50 ecommerce companies will also be impossible for you.

This is because the endlessly dark tunnel of ecommerce only allows the best to witness the shining bright lights outside. 

The Silver Lining

Ecommerce might be disastrous for most of the companies but it is in no way a bad idea to run an ecommerce business. If you are wise enough to remain unperturbed by the glittering distractions, you will be rewarded big time!

The strong promise that ecommerce shows is only applicable to the businesses that have a strong foundation and provide great customer experiences. The ultimate goal of ecommerce is to facilitate the customers and this is what you must adhere to in order make sure you take the full advantage of ecommerce.

The Rookie Mistakes

One of the glaring reasons for the failure of most of the ecommerce businesses is the rookie mistakes that they make. These rookie mistakes happen to be the most important factors in differentiating them from the ecommerce giants. Listed below are few rookie mistakes that are the root cause of the failure of most of the ecommerce businesses:

1. They try to handle too much too soon

One of the biggest mistakes made by failed online businesses is that they market their business as a large one and promise too deliver much more than they can afford. This is followed by a great inflow of customers. As the number of customers is large, it becomes too difficult to handle for an online store and eventually they start loosing customers. And it is an old known fact that a lost customer is the worst thing that can happen to business.

2. They don’t pay enough attention to support services

Imagine your business as a skyscraper that you need to build. Now what most of the businesses visualize is what is above the ground but fail to acknowledge the importance of what lies below it. 

To build a strong and long-lasting skyscraper, you need a strong foundation that supports the entire building and allows you to make it as monumental as you wish.

The skyscraper is the business goal that you want to achieve. But, without a proper foundation which is rendered by support services, achieving those goals is not possible. 

Most of the small businesses fail to acknowledge this fact and pay attention only to the core operations as they have little awareness regarding the importance of support services.

3. They fail to portray professionalism in all departments

The nature of competitive industrial realm is such that every domain has immense competition. This provides the consumers with a lot of options to choose from. Customer acquisition and customer retention are therefore the most important goals that a company wishes to achieve. 

But, the catch is that the demands of the customers is very high. They perceive and judge only the encapsulated image of your brand which involves the core and non-core services.

What most of the ecommerce companies do is that they ooze professionalism in their core departments but fail to portray it in non core departments. This is what draws the consumers away from a business as to them it means that the entire company is unprofessional.

The Chamber of Secrets

By now, you must be wondering what can allow your business to rub shoulders with the industrial giants and create a levelled playing field for yourself. Well, this article will make your quest a lot easier as we provide you with inside secrets of ecommerce businesses that do not leave the elite meeting rooms of some of the most prosperous ecommerce companies. So buckle up and provide your undivided attention to what’s coming as you are about to enter the chamber of secrets.

1. Ensure Great Ecommerce Call Center Performance

As mentioned above, the skyscraper of your dreams isn’t possible without the presence of a strong foundation. The stronger the foundation, the better the building. One of the most important support functions that you need to pay attention to is ecommerce customer service call center.

These services involve in-person contact with the customers. Therefore, they also allow you to cash-in on the opportunity and provide great customer experience to form a long lasting relationship. 

2. Product data entry is the dark horse

The very first thing that a customer sees about your business is your product on the ecommerce website. If the products are not described in detail and the information is too scarce to make anything of it, the customers will surely be drawn away. However, if the product information is adequate and is mentioned in well organized and skill-fully written manner, the customers will have a better idea of your product and will no exactly what to expect from your product. The customers you build from here have a very little chance of having a bad experience.

You can hire professional product data entry professionals or choose to outsource product data entry in order to make your first contact with the customer your biggest weapon.

3. Focus more on the lifetime value of the customers rather than short-term gains

The lifetime value of the customers is what most of the companies focus on. The huge discounts that you see on most of the big ecommerce websites is because they want to acquire a bigger customer base. After that they aim to retain them which is the best strategy to create a successful business. 

You can also provide discounts seasonally or on some special occasions in order to acquire a bigger customer base. Now try to provide them personalized offers to keep them interested. This will allow you to keep your customer base intact and serve to a large client. Therefore, taking the minimal profit on products will also produce huge profits for your business.

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