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So what exactly is Medical Records Indexing? 

Medical records indexing is perhaps one of the most important functions of any business pertaining to the medical industry. Medical Records Indexing requires organizing and storing data and information like a  patient’s demographic and treatment information, put together in one place for easy retrieval in the future. This is helpful for medical staff to access all the information of a patient swiftly and easily to determine the best treatment options and get access to a patient’s treatment history. 

The need for Medical Record Indexing: 

Healthcare companies, hospitals, clinics, and Labs are required by law to maintain medical records of its patients for a given period of time in various countries, including the US. Maintaining paper documents is not an attainable task anymore, given the advancement of technology across the globe. Converting medical and patient reports into Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is a daunting and laborious process and can often hamper the operations of any medical business. 

An experienced BPO company can prove to be of help as it simplifies this process and offers a very cost-effective solution to businesses in the healthcare sector. Once the medical records and information have been indexed, getting access to the digitized information is significantly easier and convenient. 

Medical record indexing enables a business to better organize the process of healthcare record management and thereby improve its efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Why you should Outsource Medical Records Indexing in 2019? 

With the ever-growing population and people becoming all the more conscious about their health and well being, medical companies are proving to be highly profitable and look to have a promising future. If a multi-specialty medical business has stacks of medical information stored in paper documents, it is definitely going to lose in the long term due to competitors who are constantly looking to adapt to technology. 

The US government mandates any medical business for the maintenance of physical medical records for a minimum of 7 years. This, in turn, has forced hospitals and healthcare clinics to store huge amounts of patient-related information, which is a challenge in itself. The problem, however, is that paper documents require a great amount of storage space and can get damaged, lost or misplaced over time. Also, paper documents are usually stored at different locations within a hospital or hospital chains, this makes it a hefty task to retrieve required information and use it when needed.

Perhaps, the best solution to this problem is proper scanning and indexing of medical records. This tends to save both time and space. 

Top 5 benefits of outsourcing medical records indexing :

High Accuracy

Medical information and data needs to be highly accurate as even minor errors can affect a patients treatment and diagnosis and the business might end up losing the customer. Similarly, maintenance of accurate medical information would lead to appropriate treatment and enable the business to better track a patient’s medical history. A BPO company can be hired to maintain such crucial medical data with high accuracy, as the BPO will have the necessary skills and experience. 

Information and Data Security

Patient information and data should be kept confidential at all costs. No patient would appreciate disclosing his or her medical illness or treatment to any outsider. Hiring healthcare BPO company for medical records indexing services would ensure that information is in right hands and also properly secured on a 24/7 basis. 

Ease of Access

When data and information are stored in paper form, it becomes a laborious and time-consuming task to retrieve the right piece of information at the right time. Medical records indexing successfully attempts to solve this problem by storing the data digitally. This ensures a smooth and easy process for gaining access to the needed information. Most BPO companies have evolved over time and adapted to the advancement of technology, to provide superior ways to store and access data.

Save on Costs

Outsourcing Medical record indexing services to a BPO company based in a developing nation like India will help to save on costs, as the cost of manpower is a lot cheaper in India compared to developed first world countries like the US. In addition to this, a business has to undergo a lot of other expenses such as the cost of hiring the right talent, providing adequate infrastructure and support for the employees, taking care of their welfare facilities, etc. The BPO company is responsible for managing all such expenses and hence, makes the life of medical business professionals a lot more easier. 

Get the job done by Experts

The BPO company is well equipped with the required skilled workforce, who have the necessary experience to complete this task effectively. This will help the company’s internal employees to direct their effort towards operations-critical work. With effective medical records indexing, the complete process of delivering quality healthcare to a company’s patients will be improved and enhanced. 

Other Services that a Healthcare Organization needs to outsource 

Apart from medical records indexing services, another service that chips away a huge chunk of time and resources of a healthcare company is healthcare call center services. Outsourcing of healthcare call center services and medical records indexing services goes hand in hand as these services are usually outsourced as a pair to a single outsourcing company. Call centers have been the backbone of various business industries especially the healthcare industry. Call centers not only enable better management of a business but also helps in providing better and on-time customer service. Undoubtedly, call center services to offer an astounding range of benefits to organizations and help them with customer retention. The customers, on the other hand, are able to trust the healthcare company and hence, become its loyal customer. 

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