Stop Hay Fever This Spring With These Easy Steps

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Spring is that time of the year when flowers bloom and everyone rejoices. However, it is also the season when the threat of allergies and diseases like hay fever is at its highest. Let’s investigate why the allergies happen and what you can do to prevent your loved ones from falling prey to hay fever. 

Why Do People Get Allergies?

Science tells us that allergies occur when our immune system identifies a foreign substance which is usually harmless as an invader. It releases antibodies in response to the invading substance that instead of doing any good do the exact opposite. They inflame your airways and sinuses, resulting in symptoms like sneezing and a runny nose.

Among the foreign substances that are wrongly identified as an invader by the immune system, pollen is the most common one. Since spring is the time when the flowers bloom, the air is full of pollen. So, it is during spring that the chances of allergies occurring are quite high. Moreover, it is also the time of the year which is the hardest for people who suffer from hay fever. This is because hay fever is caused due to the allergic reaction of the immune system when the body comes in contact with pollen or other airborne allergens.   

How to Minimise Hay Fever

Since hay fever is caused due to inhalation of pollen, the most obvious way to prevent this disease is to avoid pollen. But, how can you avoid pollen when it is in the air you breathe? Simple, filter the air and purify it so that you have pollen-free air in your home. How can you accomplish that you ask? Well, there are air conditioners available nowadays that can do this task for you. You can look for a purifying air conditioner from a reliable company like Air-Rite and have them install it in your home. It can go a long way in ensuring that your loved ones stay safe from hay fever.  

Another way to minimise hay fever is to open the windows of the home and let some fresh air in. It can help you ensure that dust doesn’t settle as it also causes hay fever. You can also protect yourself from hay fever symptoms by taking antihistamines too. However, make sure that you consult your doctor before taking any medications.  

Other Tips

There are other ways in which you can stop hay fever from affecting you as well. For instance, you shouldn’t go to parks that have a lot of flowers. Since spring is the time when flowers pollinate, the pollen concentration in those parks would be quite high. So, staying away from them is a wise decision. Moreover, whenever you go outside, always take some tissues with you so that you can stop the pollen or dust from entering your nose. It is a good idea to avoid doing tasks that can expose you to pollen like cutting grass or performing activities like camping in a grassy area.  

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