Are Car Air Conditioners Different From Home Air Conditioners?

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We are dependent on air conditioners for keeping us cool in the summer months. Whether we are at home or travelling in the car, we have air conditioners that stop the heat from bothering us. The task performed by both car and home ACs is the same, to cool the air. But, are they any different from one another. Do they have different working mechanisms? Let’s find out.

Identical Working Mechanism

The home and car air conditioners have an identical working mechanism. They both use a refrigerant which absorbs the heat from the inside and releases it outside. The processes involved in both air conditioners are the same too which include compression, condensation and evaporation. Both these air conditioners go through a high-pressure cycle which is then followed by a low-pressure cycle. In the high-pressure cycle, the refrigerant in its gaseous state is compressed and then passed over to the condenser where it condenses into a liquid. The low-pressure cycle initiates with the refrigerant in its liquid state being passed to the thermal expansion valve. Here the refrigerant expands and then moves to the evaporator where it absorbs the heat. 

Same Components

The components in both automotive and home air conditioners are the same. There is a compressor which is responsible for compressing the refrigerant. Both these air conditioners have a condenser which performs the job of condensing the refrigerant from its gaseous state into a liquid. The thermal expansion valve and evaporator are also components that are found in both home and car ACs. In most cases, the refrigerant used in each AC is also the same too, R-134a.

Differing Power Source

Car air conditioners are more compact than domestic ACs. Aside from the obvious disparity in size, the major difference in between an automotive and home AC is their respective power sources. While the AC in your car is powered by the engine, the one found in your home requires an electrical source. Besides these two differences, the ACs used in both cars and homes are fundamentally the same. Regardless, it is important to contact a professional to ensure your AC is installed correctly and running smoothly.



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