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Everything seems to be sailing smoothly, and all of a sudden, your body gets hot, and you feel a sudden plunge in your vitality. As terrible as fevers might seem, one thing is sure, they are treatable and easy to overcome. Getting those occasional fevers is no cause for alarm. It is just a way of your body ramping itself up and fighting against infections, viruses, and other foreign elements that could pose sizable risks to your health in the future.

Recipes For Driving Away Your Fever

Fevers often seize you when you least expect it. During such scenarios, you rely on your near and dear ones to nurse you back to good health. But what if you are all alone at home and have no other place to go to but to deal with this onslaught of fever by yourself?

      Pile Your Body With Liquids: This eliminates toxic germs and bacteria, strikes a perfect balance in body temperature, and ensures your body performs its essential functions without hindrance. Apart from water, replenish yourself with fluids like herbal teas, broths, homemade soups, and smoothies.

      Step Into Medication: If the symptoms are getting way too much and you want a quick fix, medicine for fever online is always a solution. First, however, make sure you consult your doctor and consume prescribed medication according to the specified dosage.

      Take Adequate Rest: Sleep and give your body enough time to recuperate without running into heat stroke risks. Exerting yourself will only make your body temperature soar even higher.

      Cushion Yourself With Warm Comforts: Lukewarm baths, hot-cool compress, warm sponging sessions, all of this will help you feel better and allow your body temperature to regulate naturally. However, one should altogether avoid hot compresses in case of a high fever. And cold water showers can have a reverse effect on your fever care process and increase your symptoms.

      Keep Yourself Cool And Fresh: It might seem very tempting to cover yourself with hordes and hordes of blankets and mufflers to combat that fever quickly. But make sure you give your body sufficient space to breathe. If you are experiencing chills, then you can layer up with extra clothing.

  Practice The Art Of Soulful Eating: If you don't feel like gobbling up some food when you have a fever, do not force yourself to do so. Instead, take your time on the path to recovery. Eventually, food cravings are sure to set in. So indulge in all your comfort food as much as you can. Easily digestible carbohydrates and foods that ramp up your immune system should be incorporated into all your nibbles and crunches. Maybe green tea, nuts, cereal, legumes, citrus fruits, potatoes, ginger, honey. Whatever you decide to include in your meals, make sure you relish and savor each bite.

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