Stepping Towards the Circular Economy

by Sanjose Ewaste Ewaste Service

San Jose E-waste is a recycling company San Jose which has been steadily moving towards making Earth the planet where people not out of compulsion or need, but out of choice and responsibility is making a more refined, regenerative and suggestive use of the electronic waste they have been consuming over the years by extracting their real worth out of them at the end of their life cycle and putting their extracted use in the development, production and manufacturing of new electronics and consumer appliances.

San Jose E-waste through their computer recycling San Jose are taking measured, safe, ethical and widely reciprocated steps  towards preserving and conversing the gradually decreasing natural resources that have been since the age of industrialization are being rigorously extracting from their natural sources and are forward to keep the wagon of economic activity progressive, strong and kicking. Recycling and reusing have come to be a major breakthrough in decoupling the economic activities form the over excessive consumption of the planet’s finite natural resources and designing waste out of it. Channelizing their business resources and revolving them around the concepts of make regenerative use of the obsolete electronics and engineered waste, San Jose e-waste through their safe, ethical and certified computer recycling San Jose, remarketing and data destruction electronic waste and IT Asset management services is playing a huge part in pushing our linear economy towards the boundaries of circular economy. 

Computer Recycling San Hose

What is the Circular Economy?

Make. Take. Use. Dispose. These three are the words are today can best present the picture of the industrial business model and the linear economy, that is with each passing year, day and second are rendering our natural reserves to the equilibrium of extinction.

Linear Economy

The economy which for the past few decades was surviving on extracting raw material, consuming them into developing consumer goods and throwing them away to fill the landfills at the end of their operating cycle. Linear economy up till now was leaning on the excessive use of cheap, easily accessible and energy resources and is the model that needs to mold their way of operating

Seeing linear economy reaching its ultimate limits, it is the TIME that we slowly but gradually step into the horizons of recycling and reusing. For your better understanding let’s put it this way, waste glass for making new glass, waste paper for making new paper, waste fabric or making new fabric and similarly waste and obsolete electronics for making new electronic gadgets and models.

For ensuring that there are enough natural resources for making food, a roof over our heads, clothes to wear, heat to keep us warm and other vital necessities for our survival in 2050, it is quintessential and downright crucial that we switch from a linear economy to a circular economy.

Our Economy Must Become Circular

Looking at the bigger picture, we are not just the mere citizens of the countries or the states we are living in, we are the citizens of the only Planet in the Milky Way Galaxy that supports human life. Thus, it ultimately becomes our responsibility to understand the fact that most of the resources we are extracting and consuming today have no way of being renewed tomorrow. Therefore, it time that we think twice before throwing our e-waste away and wonder if or not recycling it would be a better option.

Urban mining has the power to extract precious metal from the confines of electronic waste like copper, aluminum, gold and silver and putting them to use once again to develop new electronic products. Just think the possibility when there is zero waste generation in our planet.

We will leave you with this thought.

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