E-Waste Recycling San Jose- For Global Awareness and Benefits

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E-waste is the electronic waste which includes home appliances like televisions, air conditioners, fans, laptops, batteries, heaters etc. and information technology equipment like circuit boards, batteries, computers, mobile phones, monitors etc. and other electronic utilities.

E-waste recycling is a growing trend and was initiated in order to protect the human rights and environment. Hire the best recycling company San Jose and indulge in e-waste recycling.

The process of e-waste recycling San Jose includes the following steps:

1.    When e-waste items arrive at the factories, the first step involves the sorting of the items manually. Batteries are then removed for quality check.

2.    After the items are sorted, the next step involves a serious labor-intensive manual dismantling. The dismantled items are then categorized into parts that can be used and that needs to be disposed of.

3.    The items that cannot be dismantled efficiently are shredded with other parts. The finer particles are then spread on the conveyor belt. The particles are then broken further.

4.    All the magnetic components are removed by making the use of over band magnet.

5.    After that, metallic and non-metallic materials are separated. The metals that are solid are reused for other purposes as raw material.

6.    The plastic content is then separated from glass by water separation technique.

When the materials are separated, the following happens to the following materials:

•    All the plastic materials that are retrieved are sent to the recyclers who use them, to manufacture other items like the fence posts, plastic trays, plastic sleepers etc.

•    The metal extracted is sent to the recyclers to manufacture new steel and other metallic materials.

•    Glass retrieved from the CRT tubes is used to make CRT tubes again.

•    Mercury extracted is sent to the mercury recycling facilities where they are used for fluorescent lighting.

•    Hard drives are shredded and processed and then used in the automated industries.

•    Ink and cartridges are sent to the respective manufacturers and they repair them and resale them and make profits.

•    Batteries are extracted and then plastic from them are used for other uses and metal is used for making metallic items.

In the similar fashion, other materials are reused and recycled. Hire the best and affordable e-waste recycling San Jose.

Here are some of the benefits of e-waste recycling:

•    As mentioned above, there is a plenty of materials that are wasted when e-waste is dumped in landfills. While with e-waste recycling you can reuse the materials and save natural resources of the earth and also protect the environment from degradation.

•    If e-waste recycling is given primary importance then mining activities will reduce and this reduction will reduce the greenhouse gases and other hazardous environmental degradation. It will also protect human beings from other health problems.

•    The whole procedure of e-waste recycling requires a lot of work whether it is shipping, shredding or other processing. Hence there is a requirement for many workers which mean e-waste recycling opens many job opportunities.

Hire the best e-waste recycling company San Jose and indulge in a good cause of saving the environment. 

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