Better To Recycle the Things than Harming The Environment

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Our environment will be healthy only when people will keep it healthy. It is necessary for every individual to consider regarding the environment, because if the environment in which we live is not healthy than how will one remain healthy. Many of us have heard and are also very much familiar with the term recycling.

Recycling, the process of reusing the things again and again, in order to save the resources from getting wasted.Because for making new components again we may require the resources and that will cost us more than recycling the things. Recycling will save us money as well as the resources.

E-waste is another trash that can be recycled. E-waste is nothing but the Electronic waste such as discarded Televisions, Phones, Computers, laptops and other electronic devices. Do you know? that, only 12.5% of e-wastes are actually recycled and the rest percentage of wastes are simply dumped into landfills or are thrown in water bodies. And the result for this is hazardous both for human as well as for nature.

According to The Global E-waste Monitor, a report published by the United Nations University, the International Telecommunication Union and the International Solid Waste Association, humanity generated 45.7 million metric tons of e-waste in 2016-17, which is equivalent to 6.1 kilograms per person.   

In one report it was found that just 20 % of e-waste was properly recycled in 2016-17, whereas the majority (80%) was dumped, traded or recycled under the inferior conditions. It is believed that China and the United State generates the highest amount of e-waste per year.

So, to deal with the recycling process for e-waste, we have e-waste recycling companies. One such recycling company is San Jose E-waste. They provide their client with the service of recycling of the electronic products. They collect the e-waste from the client's doorsteps and segregates the useful and recyclable components at one side and un-useful things at another side so that, it can be destructed afterwards.

San Jose is destruction certified company.

How does San Jose work?

ยท        Customers can directly contact them to initiate their pick-up request for e-waste.

Once, the pickup request is generated, a truck will be sent to the client address.

On reaching the client, e-waste is collected for sorting.

After sorting, items are completely destroyed while those which can be reused are recycled.

Some of the items are also donated or remarketed.

They follow no Landfill Rule and are proud of this fact.

What are the items that SAN JOSE recycle:

Computer Recycling at San Jose is very efficient as it saves the resources and money together. Including this, they handle the recycling of laptops, printers, servers and other e-waste materials. Also, keep adequately-sized storage units to handle larger servers or other machinery that is deemed appropriate to be recycled.


San Jose E-Waste is always ready to give back to the community and often arrange fundraising programs for non-profit organizations and communities.

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