Some Common Oral Diseases

by Allen Rose Doctor
Oral care does not only keep a particular person’s teeth strong, but also does it signify the wellness of the body in general. About one in ten people suffer from one dental disease or the others which are results of poor dental health and in some cases the number of sufferers rise up to a hundred per cent. If left untreated, dental diseases might become actual threats to the human bodies. A small decay might lead to cavities and mushiness of the gums to Gingivitis as well oral cancer. The effects of such diseases could be devastating and can cause an array of issues ranging from loss of tooth to cancer to diabetes, heart diseases and so on.  It is here that Dentists come in handy and thus a necessity for a Snellville Dental Clinic.

Certain Researches state that there are connections that dental health issues might have with the aforementioned systematic diseases like diabetes in people off all ages, respiratory diseases specifically among the elderly, heart diseases along with premature low birth weight in infants.  Other effects of dental diseases lie in bad breath, pain etc.

Following are some of the common oral diseases that could prove to be a serious causer of agony in a patient if not treated in proper time:

  • The first being Gingivitis which is a persistent disease which occurs each time the body’s immunity reacts to the bacteria and the toxins accumulating on the teeth and plaque. The disease is also called Periodontal Disease. The severity in this disease results into tooth loss, oral pain, infection, foul breath and many systematic disorders.
  • Next, is a very common disease, termed Fractured Teeth mostly caused by cow hooves, antlers, hard toys (in case of kids), ice cubes, stones /rocks as well as marrow bones. To add, in case the fractured tooth has its pulp exposed, it can allow bacteria to enter into the tooth.
  • A very common disease seen mostly in children is Cavities. Cavities are usually caused when the sugars present in the food that is consumed and the bacteria that resides in the mouth mingle thereby producing a mild variety of acid which slowly consumes away the enamel of the teeth.        
  • On the more serious note, there is disease that is deadly and is termed as Oral Cancer which remains latent or hidden until the cancer has moved to a different location than its place of origin. The disease causes excruciating pain in the patient. A person having suffered from this disease runs the risk of a second cancer.
There are many more diseases of which only a few have been mentioned. It is to avoid these complications; it is advised that one pays frequent visits to dental clinics. If you live in and around Snellville, do check out the renowned Snellville Dental Clinic, The Snellville Dentists!

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