Key Oral Diseases to Be Careful Of, In Kids & Some Food Habits

by Allen Rose Doctor
When you are a parent, all diseases bothering your son or your daughter will definitely bother you. After all to a parent, father or mother; a child’s health is a serious issue! If anything happens to the child, parents go all hay-wire. And why won’t they? A child is after all the crown-jewel of its parents. A few days ago my son Edward screamed out late at night, “mommy, and daddy! My tooth hurts”. Although tooth aches are usually minor problems for most of us oldies, but on painful cry from Edward, took away our night’s sleep.

We turned the lights on and were literally going through all the necessary books on “dentistry for kids”! The next morning we called up our neighbor, Mr. Franklin, a dentist; and he fixed an appointment for us in his chamber in Snellville. He found out that there was cavity in one of Edward’s molar teeth. He suggested a tooth extraction lest the cavity spread to other teeth as well.

You see, kids can face many different types of teeth-related diseases. Here are the most common teeth-related diseases suffered by most children:

Cavities & Tooth Decay

Cavities or tooth decay seem to be the major teeth disease suffered by children. As stated by an organization on dental health in USA, about twenty per cent children and eleven to thirteen per cent teenagers have at least one cavity-affected tooth. Moreover, milk juices etc. have sugar and the sugar attacks the enamel of the teeth, thereby causing cavities an d thus, tooth cavities.

Gum Diseases

Gums, being an important part of the mouth, help in holding the bones which hold the teeth in proper place. Healthy gums are essential for healthy mouth. If plaque is not kept under control, it is bound to swell your children’s gum up which would cause it to bleed whenever touched.  This is what in scientific terms is known as ‘Gingivitis’ otherwise called “Gum Disease”.

There are many other disease which you could check out online.

Now, here are a few healthy food habits which would ensure good teeth health of your child:

1.    Water is very important for kids because it hydrates the body, dislodges the food debris, while brushing, produces spit and causes the acid produced by consumption of carbohydrates and sugar to be neutralized 9thus preventing the acids from causing teeth damage.

2.    Low-fat milk or yogurts provide calcium to your child without the added fat. The Calcium strengthens the enamel and thus gives you healthy teeth.

3.    Leafy Greens and/or broccoli is another set of good food for teeth health since they are rich sources of calcium which strengthens the enamel of the teeth.

Now, if your child, like our son, Edward; is suffering from some teeth problems, don’t ignore! If you’re looking for a Dentistry for Kids in Snellville, you could visit The Snellville Dentists.

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