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Time to time, we keep on witnessing the new trends and policies that come as a revolution in the IT industry. Most of the IT professionals and web developers are almost everyday obsessed with the latest announcements as no one would like to be left behind all. After all, when you want to hire app developer you always want him to be the best in knowledge and awareness about the latest technologies and tools entering into the market. Isn’t it so?
This is the reason we keep publishing about the articles that help you stay ahead in the industry. Hassle-free knowledge straight to you!

This time, we are going to talk about an exciting announcement that every Android developer has always wanted to listen from quite a long time. Reason being that, PWA or Progressive Web Applications concept has been in infant stage from such a long time that all the developers are researching and creating more and more amazing PWAs and the best part is that they will now be able to launch these PWAs on the Google Play Store because Google has come along with the policy of accepting these web applications only if they are compatible on the lines of TWA API.

What’s all the fuss about TWA supported PWAs?
If you are an Android developer you must be very curious to hop on to the new things that we have been talking about. But hey, let’s first talk about what all the fuss is about?
“PlayStore now accepts PWAs that use TWAs”

Why TWA is required for the Progressive Web Applications?
This is the most in thing that you have been listening around. Chrome 72 for Android has now come in shipped with TWA supported web apps. Isn’t that great?
Well, basically TWA is an API that is required to display the web content on the full-screen with restricted native code as well as complete set of system features. 
Without the use of TWA- that means the Trusted Web Activities, a lot of Java/ Kotlin native code will not at all be required which was required in the case of popular Instagram Lite web app or Facebook Lite app already in the Google PlayStore for such a long time. They had to put a lot of native code just to get the feature of notifications on to the desktop app or web app as most of us know them. TWA definitely rules out any such problem of course.
No doubt about the fact, we can see every Android developer on the cloud nine after getting this news that they can now submit the web apps to the Google Play Store.                  
We  definitely have something else to tell and that is that one can get the PWA from the Chrome Browser as well. But, until you obviously publish it to the Store, there is possibility that it won’t show to the PlayStore users. You won’t want to hire app developer until he knows how he can hitch up your app and publish it on the store for the prospective users.

Benefits of publishing the web app on the Google Play Store are:
As we are aware of the fact that publishing process is not simple (for example, type "Enter URL" into the game console). It is not the way to publish the store with the Web APK currently available. This is a Java API that communicates through the Chrome service, it seems to be in its initial stages, so there is still a lot of manual work.
But, you need not to get disheartened at any cost as you have the option to use other tools as well.
For the time being, let’s jump to the advantages of publishing to the Store rather than debating the thing that the web platform is more bigger than the Store but how can you forget that the distribution mechanism that is as easy a process as the air?
  • Home Screen Widget can easily be offered to the users using the web app on their desktops.
  • As an Android developer, you have the chance to offer App Shortcuts when they long press the App icon as well as other deep integrations with the OS can also be offered.
  • An Android Auto extension or a wear OS companion app can be offered.
  • The users of your app should have the facility to reinstall the app even if a reset was made on the phone or it’s a new phone.
  • To provide Native features to access background features.
  • You would be able to add monetization to the app.
  • The best part is that Distribute more than one PWA icon in the Launcher to give different URLs with the same host though.
  • Internationalisation support can be given to a better level.

The users of the Google Play store will be able to search for the PWA when they search “Applications” in the search tab just because the new distribution mechanism.
Still, to boost the chances, you can just follow these tips as we have mentioned below.

  • Home screen widget availability.
  • Application shortcuts and tight integration with other OS.
  • OS partner programs or Android Auto extensions.
  • Reinstall on the backup from the new phone.

Is the TWA hybrid frame similar to Cordova?
Cordova or other hybrid solutions usually do not provide web resources (HTML, JS, CSS, etc.) in the APK package. Unlike the user's browser, the engine is separated, so there is no session or cache sharing. This is how PWA is implemented in a reliable web activity.


How to develop progressive web apps using TWA? 
To create an Android package with TWA, you need Android Studio. Currently available options are just experimental, you can only save an example of some open source Chrome GitHub archive. Also, you are free to use the advanced Java support libraries provided by the Chrome team: In this case, it is not necessary to enter the code Java and Kotlin requires the Android Studio project web application menu manifest (or sample cloning) and AndroidManifest. The frame provides interface and configuration files to help the Android developer for TWA and optional features that can provide web push notifications on Android devices.

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