Saving Battery Life on Your Smartphone – 4 Surefire Tips

by Sam Cameron Innovative Writer in Australia

It’s no secret that we all are highly dependent on our smartphones to perform our day-to-day tasks. But often; we make the mistake of running too many unnecessary apps and systems which put a strain on the battery life.

Higher-resolution screens and fast processors many appear to be sexy features in most modern-day smartphones! But another irrefutable truth lies that users just want their device to run till the end of their day.

So, until someone comes up with a better-performing battery, smartphone owners can use these 4 tips to maximise their battery life in-between charges!

  1. Turning Off Unnecessary Apps Running in the Background

When you use our smartphone; there are lots of unnecessary apps which continue to run in the background. To name a few – your GPS map app or even war games like Pokémon Go! Each of these apps put an unwanted strain on your device’s battery and take up a fair amount of its charge.

To prevent your battery from drying out on you, simply go the app manager and switch off those apps. Also if you happen to use the Android 9 version (or higher), then you can even go to the Adaptive Battery Feature and restrict the power made available to each of these unnecessary device applications.

  1. Set Your Screen’s Brightness to a Lower Setting

The second tip which you can use to maximise your smartphone battery charge is to set your screen’s brightness at a lower setting- something between 40-60%! This is more so at night when you don’t need the screen brightness at 100%.

Along with that; you should also reset your screen lock to the least possible setting. This also helps save battery power when you are not using your device.

  1. Switch Off Anything Which Streams Rich Content 

These mainly entail display graphics and animations- be it in games, photos, animation videos, etc. Highly advanced graphics which stream rich content will cause your device processor along with the graphic chip to function harder. And the more you allow these activities to continue, the more battery power will they use up.

  1. Turn Off App Notifications Which You Don’t Need

If you’re an active FB or Instagram user, then it is alright to set notifications for those apps. But if you don’t access Twitter or any other app that much, then there is no point allowing your precious battery power to go to waste with its constant notifications.

Ideally, most modern-day smartphones conserve battery power best when they are either in sleep mode or in power-saving mode. However, if it constantly keeps receiving notifications from different apps, then it only sucks more power from your device battery.

Final Lines –

Look to adopt these quality tips to prevent your device from dying out on you. They most certainly will make a difference in your device’s overall power consumption. However, if the issue is more battery-related or due to some internal fault of your device, then without hesitation, get it serviced by reputed technicians offering all types of mobile phone repairs near Geelong, Ballarat and other nearby suburbs. They will inspect your device properly and restore its lost functionality in super-quick time.

So find a reputed mobile phone repair shop near you and schedule a visit at your time of convenience!

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The author Sam Cameron runs a mobile phone repair shop and consists of a team of technicians offering all types of mobile phone repairs near Geelong, Ballarat and other nearby suburbs.

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