Tips To Preserve Your Smartphone Battery

by Manish Chadha Auberge Beach Residences Fort Lauderdale

How well do you understand iPhone repair? How well do you understand water damage? How well do you understand Apple warranty or in fact any warranty given by any smartphone brand for that matter?

To be honest, we don’t really bother with it when we buy a new handset and this is where it makes all the difference. When we want to make sure that our devices are running properly, the most important thing to do is never ever take technology lightly.

The things that I mentioned above are just a few that we face on a daily basis. I haven’t even started with CPU lags, quicker than usual battery drains and the camera app hanging, overheating and the most dreaded of problems, the screen shattering! Yes, these are the things that really fry your brain wedges and you end up doubting your decision of investing in the brand in the first place. When you face these problems with your iPhones or any expensive smartphones, you panic. There is not a single thing in your life that seems right at that moment. It’s as if your whole world is going to collapse and crash down right in front of your feet.

This is for the obvious reason that you have become highly dependent on your phones whether it is clicking pictures for your Instagram posts or for circulating important mails across your team member at work. The biggest problem that one can face with their smartphone or iPhone is of its battery quitting on you when you need it the most. The problem is very common and we often see our phones dying even with very little usage at times but this is ok as long as it is short lived and a simple restart fixes the issue.

Your real problem begins when despite the handset being new and latest, it is dying more frequently and you can’t seem to know why. It could be any of the following reasons for your phone battery running out of juice more frequently than usual:

You Are Too Frequent In Charging Your Cell Phone

Yes, if you consult your iPhone repair guy near you about battery drain, he would ask you not to charge it too often or at least wait till you have completely used up its juice till the last drop. This saves the battery from going through unnecessary charge and discharge cycles, thus preserving its life. So, next time you are about to charge your device, remember to let it fall to at least 5% before you plug it in.

When Your Usage Is Higher Than What Most Users Would Put Their Phones Through

It is quite obvious that your phone is going to lose charge when your usage is more than that of an average user’s. Therefore, try to limit your usage as much as possible. It is also better for your health.

There Are Apps Installed In Your Phone That Drain Its Battery Very Fast And Easily

This is a possibility. A lot of us end up ignoring it even after getting several warnings from their phone repair guy. Don’t let apps keep running in the background or install apps that just suck out all the charge from the battery. Apart from this also avoid over charging your device and make sure you restart your device periodically. These were some tips that will help you preserve your smartphone battery.


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