Prospecting for Enterprise Sales

by Joseph Tall Product Specialist

Longer selling cycles, a large number of people involved in the decision process, the risk is more as the investment is huge and so is the profit. It’s no straight-line business which starts with sales and closes after delivery. It is a never-ending process of sales. Even at the close of sales if the contract is signed by both, it is then the beginning of a new cycle. Enterprise sales is not easy at all.

The process is never-ending and sales prospecting is its crucial stage. It demands your detailed study. It is mostly done in the B2B business. 

Daniel Saks, CEO, AppDirect-Whale Hunting shares that any Enterprise sales prospecting needs good strong team governance, patience in each step, a thorough understanding of methodology followed, and confidence that you offer to your client. You ensure your B2B lead that no one else will offer such customized solutions. 

Enterprise sales is like a black hole the more you find out about it there is always more to learn at the end. The enterprise sales involve a lot of people and time. A B2B lead generating business is no easy task. Innovation, value, confidence, methodology, and governance are the important pillars of enterprise sales.

Things to keep in mind while prospecting for enterprise sales.

  •  It will be time-consuming. This is what makes this enterprise different from other sales. It can take a year more than a year and even happen in six months.

  • Hold on to your patience by then. You have to patient and professional even if it happen as you expected.

  • Involvement of a lot of people. Enterprise sales prospecting involves a lot of people. You will experience presenting and communicating with different departments of the company about your product. 

The enterprise sales prospecting demands.

  • Long term sales procedure

Accept the fact that you are entering the most prominent business sales grind. An unrelated way of sales prospecting. So, set bookmarks of your progress and note down how your strategy worked for sales for the customer you are assisting at present. 

You and your team will learn in each sales process, so keep a note of it. A reminder of customer feedback, views, and your next approach. Do your homework correctly. 

  • Be a game-changer

Always be ahead of your competitors. Hire people who have qualified skills of new tools and a marketing team which helps build a strong insight into your customer’s journey and preferences.

Using platforms that are not friendly instead has authentic details attached like LinkedIn, Twitter and have tools that check their email I’d activeness.

A team good at social networking is important. They will help you guide with the notes that you take for referrals, contacts, and summary that match with what your customer is interested in. they will focus according to their expertise and make your work easy.

You are going to be investing a long time supposedly to make your potential prospect your customer. You should have a clear understanding of if their problem requires your companies solution. If yes, intervene then.

  • Strong relationships

You have researched vividly and now its time to speak to them. You will approach them via email, call, or try to schedule a meeting in person. Be confident about their details and your company’s services and why they should consider you?

 Sound genuine, do not speak directly about the sales, ask if they face any issue and if they do tell them how your service can fix those issues.

Be professional yet friendly. Make them comfortable. Gain their trust. Remember there are a lot of people involved in the decision-making process. You have to meet more people and build a good relationship with all.

Convince the stakeholder, businesses investing in your business that you are the best and working as a professional but understand the terms of human perspective. Be it a big enterprise investment is done 50% on how you treat them and your quality of business.

  • Open-ended questions.

 Do not bombard your B2B leads with questions but be genuine. Ask them the issue they face, how they have tackled it in the past, what alternatives they consider, and then shoot as why your service is the best for them.

Listen to what they are saying make a note of it. It will help prepare you for the next meet and make your product look customized for their problem. Don’t make one thing fit all strategy. A personalized solution is the best remedy.

  • Results and Examples values

A result of your experience may help you here. Understand that you are risking a huge investment and your time. Measure the pros and cons of the business. Calculate your profit and loss. The buyer is looking at other sources also. So, be a step ahead in terms of sales prospecting methods.

  • Be clear about what you offer.

 You are into business and Enterprise sales prospecting is no joke. Companies doing business can have a great layoff if the methodology is not followed. 

You match the goals and needs of the company with yours and then offer your service. Do not waste your time giving a demo or sending emails.


Your prospects will be interested and will find your service potential if your terms are clear and concise. How you provide space for making a decision also counts.

  • Engagement.

The company is doing sales and the b2b business lead generation is way too engrossing. you take a good advantage of the skills your team has. Ask them to keep researching, mark your progress via bookmarking your steps and take feedback. 

Social media, prospects records, and their other clients report has to be with you to offer better. A teamwork makes work easy. Your ways can differ but the goal is the same. Various departments are involved in making decisions, target to get their information also. The more time taking it is more worthy it will be either to get you the sales or an experience.

  • Professionalism for the future.

The contract has to be simple and to the point. And if the sales fail do not lose your patience. End it professionally. Leave space for future communication and approach to happen from both sides. 

Ask for referrals and keep giving them insights, it may get you a sale in the future.

Enterprise sales prospecting is a web, you keep making it complex yet simple and transparent.

Learn from this and move to the next to learn from the bookmarks and energize your sales team for better opportunities.

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