The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Lead Generation for B2B companies

by Joseph Tall Product Specialist

Hey! Let’s have a little chat over a cup of coffee. Want to learn about lead generation? What new is happening to generate leads and convert them into sales? What new tool is trending to attract more leads. 

Well, we’ve answers to all your lead generation questions, actually not we, it's LinkedIn. 

The one and only one channel where all the company’s lead generation must be focused. It is the best platform choice for B2B marketers. If compared to other channels, the conversion rate here is higher and cost per lead is lower, isn’t that what we want to do right! In less money and time, create more leads. The leads can be found free of cost as well as you may use certain tools that makes the overall process easy. 

Initially, LinkedIn was used by job seekers, but the platform has shifted its focus to B2B lead generation for companies. Linkedin is taking off and becoming a great channel for B2B lead generation. It is the most powerful B2B prospecting tool. 

This LinkedIn guide will help you with free and paid strategies along with tools that will help you find leads on Linkedin. 

Benefits of using LinkedIn lead generation: 

You must be wondering why just focus on LinkedIn, instead of other advertising platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Email tracking, display networks etc. The missing puzzle piece of the puzzle is Linkedin- which is a popular platform for professionals in business. You need to avail this opportunity and get it right inorder to generate leads for your business. It is a valuable resource for B2B sales professionals. 

Linkedin has 675 million monthly users who log on to stay informed about what’s happening in their industry, looking to hire people, to look for tools that can boost their team’s productivity. If you’ve a business that caters to their needs, then LinkedIn is the best environment as professionals are scrolling for valuable content to read. The other reasons that make it worth the investment are:

  • They have 40% of monthly active users on a daily basis.

  • LinkedIn comprises active professionals with purchasing power.

  • Lead Generation is one of the most effective way.

  • It is the most-used social media platform amongst the Fortune 500 Companies. 

  • 80% of the B2B leads comes from LinkedIn, remaining from Twitter and Facebook

  • 38% of B2B marketers say LinkedIn is generating revenue for them 

  • 90% of B2B marketers reduced cost per lead with LinkedIn lead gen forms. 

  • Linkedin generates 3X more conversions than other social media platforms 

* Source: Statistics on Linkedin 2020 is by Foundation Inc 

Cost per lead is lower than Google Adwords

*The graph is brought to you because of the kindness of HubSpot. 

Free strategies for finding leads on Linkedin:

Linkedin is an engaging platform with advanced features . If you’re already using LinkedIn then many of your activities are already helping you to find leads. To get the most of your time on the platform, you need a little more strategy. Few activities that can help are:

  •  Publish articles:

Linkedin is a thirst for knowledge. All the professionals are hunting to look for ways to grow their business and boost their productivity. Make the most of it, by publishing relevant articles that demonstrate to ideal clients in your industry. You can use it to anticipate engagement. Your content gets shared with your connections and followers in their feeds. Even if the user is not in your follow list is able to see your articles which is an advantage. 

  • Post Daily updates:

You need to post daily content on your feed to stay on top of the mind of your connections. This works as an organic advertising. You can reshare a content, news, article or cross promote from other social media. You can link your blog post to your site and you may also direct users to subscribe for your newsletters. The aim is to update your page on an everyday basis. 

  • Join Groups:

Linkedin groups are where people can share their interest, insights and ask questions in the same industry. Groups are the great places for networking and generating leads. You can engage with the users by answering questions or sharing your content. It’s important to build a relationship first, before pitching your product/service in the group. 

*This is how a LinkedIn group looks like. The image is brought to you because of the kindness of Buffer. 

  • Engage with a targeted list of users:

You already must have literally stalked and made a list of potential prospects. This is the time to get connected with them. Dive deep into your prospects history and future goals, don’t neglect the minute details that can be an ice breaker for your conversation. Try to engage with them by liking or commenting or sharing their posts or endorsing them for a skill or congratulating them when they announce any news related to their business. In a nutshell, do your homework before you miss your chance. 

LinkedIn gives you the power to know the number of people associated with the company, their positing, current time and tenure of joining. Search for both present and former employees. See if you can ask or request for a third party to be your referral. See their activity column for a chance to connect with them humbly and formally on LinkedIn. All this will increase your chances of getting a reply back when you send a personalized message. 

Some activities that you can do to generate leads for free:

  • On your LinkedIn profile share articles, videos, or any post relevant to your company and a solution provider. Use case studies articles either from your company’s page or from a third party, you can do it through a LinkedIn chatbox.

  • Share news and articles to a group of prospecting clients, again use email, message, or tag numerous people to reach out to the mass.

  • Engage your self or the company’s page for increasing your visibility and activeness on these platforms. It works as it provides a glimpse of your company.

Paid Strategies for Finding Leads on LinkedIn:

If you have no time for free strategies you may consider paid strategies to generate leads on Linkedin. 

  • Sponsored Content:

It is LinkedIn’s native ad format where these ads are run in the LinkedIn feed across desktop or mobile to target the niche audience you specify. You may use direct sponsored Content if you wish to share content on LinkedIn to reach specific audiences without having to publish the content on your Linkedin Page. 

*This image is an example brought to you because of the kindness of 

  • Sponsored InMail:

Sponsored InMail reaches your target audience directly by delivering personalized messages through LinkedIn messenger. You may include invites to webinars, events, promote product/service, encourage downloads of ebooks, whitepapers and other resources. These Inmail only get delivered when the user is active. 

  • Lead Gen form:

This can be added to your sponsored content / Inmail to help collect leads within the platform. Use it to offer resources in exchange of information. 

  • Dynamic ads:

Dynamic ads appear in the sidebar on Linkedin and work in a different way.  There are Followers ads that encourage users to follow your Linkedin page. 

  • Display Ads:

Display Ads are images that run in the right column and above the fold.  According to statistics, users are 3x more likely to engage with the content when exposed to Display ads and sponsored ads. 

Tools that Help with LinkedIn Lead Generation:

There are several tools that will help you get more leads on LinkedIn. Each of them has its own functions. 

  1. LeadBoxer:

This tool will help you to identify visitors to your website, calculate their value as leads, retarget them with paid advertising on Linkedin until they become clients. 

  1. Linkedin sales navigator:

This is linkedin’s own solution for prospecting and finding leads. This is premium service by LinkedIn. 

  1. Skrapp:

This tool is a Chrome extension that helps you extract email addresses from profiles on Linkedin. It is also integrated with linkedin sales navigator so you can use both at once. 

  1. Crystal:

Crystal extracts data about your lead from LinkedIn and other places around the web in order to offer insights about their personality and suggestions about how to talk to them.

  1. Discoverly:

It is a Chrome browser extension that claims to make social networks work better together. It cross-checks various social network platforms to show if you have any common or mutual connection. 

If you’re B2B then start generating your next lead on LinkedIn. There are several strategies which are paid and free that can help to generate leads but they can be time-consuming and tedious processes. To be more efficient try using tools that will help you make the process easier. 

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