Prescription Glasses – Different Format of Eye Prescription and the Steps to Read Them

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Buying prescription glasses includes different things like reading the prescription, understanding the prescription, eyeglass lens options, frame shapes, frame material, frame design, and many more. The primary thing while you go for buying prescription glass is that you should first understand the eyeglasses prescription.

It is very difficult and complex to understand the prescription as it comes in a different format, and there are various numbers that you will be able to see the prescription like OS, OD, and many more. Without understanding what the numbers signify, you won’t be able to read the eyeglass prescription.

If you want to purchase the eyeglasses in your budget, you can easily make an order for affordable prescription eyeglasses online, but for that, you need to know you exert power through reading the eyeglasses prescription. The abbreviation that is mentioned in the prescription is OS and OD.

Where OS means oculus sinister and OD refers to oculus dextrus. In the prescription plus (+) sign is for the farsighted, and the minus (-) sign is for nearsighted. There are different formats in which the eyeglasses prescription is available like standard grid format, blank format, Progressive, Vertical prescription, Prescription with prism.

Different format of eyeglasses prescription

The blank format that is usually a handwritten one and does not contain any format.

Normal standard grid format which contains the abbreviation like OD (oculus dextrus), OS (oculus sinister), CYL (cylinder), SPH (sphere), and plus (+) and minus (–) sign.

Progressive or bifocal format of an eyeglass prescription is for multi-focal glasses and reading and computer glasses. The RX glasses are mentioned in this prescription for DV and NV. This DV denotes distance/ nearsightedness, and NV denotes for near-vision or reading.

Vertical Prescription has different prescription glasses from other prescriptions as the values in the format are contained from top to bottom form.

There are many other formats of eyeglasses prescription other than the above-mentioned one. The prescription eyeglasses are easily available in varieties like in different colors, designs, shapes, different frames, and different types of glasses. In the prescription, it is mentioned about the type of glass, the power, and whether the glasses are for far distance or the nearer distant these all t will be mentioned in the glass prescription. It is very important to wear the lens as per the prescription.

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