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Different Type of Eye Glasses Prescription

Prescription lenses are the essence of what gives you the sharp, bright vision that you expect from a pair of glasses. If you are short-sighted, far-sighted or need multiple prescriptions for one lens, there are several forms of prescription eyeglasses to meet your vision requirements:

Single vision Glasses with Prescription

In order to correct a single vision condition, such as short-sightedness, far-sightedness, astigmatism, single vision prescription lenses are used. For the full lens, they contain the same amount of vision correction. As far as single vision reading glasses are concerned, the most common are full-frame readers. For improved up-close viewing and distance viewing, you can also see single vision lenses in half-frame reading glasses that are smaller and rest at the end of your nose.

Multifocal Lenses

Multifocal eyeglasses are also required for individuals with more than one vision disorder. Multifocal lenses bear two or three prescriptions for image correction, such as bifocal lenses and progressive lenses.


Two prescriptions are held by Bifocals. The eyeglass lens is divided into two sections; the upper part is for distance vision for distance vision, and the lower part is for close vision. When you look at someone who is wearing bifocals, the line between their prescription, nearsighted and farsighted can also be seen.

Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses are multifocal lenses that include three primary fields of vision, namely close, middle, and distance. However, progressive individuals do not have a noticeable line between medications. This provides the wearer with a smooth and uninterrupted transition when looking from close-up items to distant distances.

Computer Glasses

The glass monitor lenses are designed to cope with the eye pressure of the computer screen. Computer glasses assist with an intermediate distance of about 20 to 26 inches, which is the distance most individuals sit from their monitor. A lot of computer glasses have tinted lenses to filter out blue light radiating from your electronic devices.

If you are looking for eye test in Malaysia, you can visit Malaya Optical. During the eye test, Malaya Optical will decide your current prescription for eyeglasses and help you pick the right eyeglasses for your vision requirements. To schedule an eye examination, contact the best provider in Malaysia for prescription glasses.

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