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1. Divide your email lists. "You can have subscribers who are interested in different types of emails, such as coupons, events, or news, but not all three," says Sarah Vandenberg, Founder, and CEO of Vandenberg Digital Communications. So it's important to understand who you are sending emails to. “For example, if you offer discounts for students or retirees, consider dividing your email lists by age group. If you have a press release, email it to a list of media that is more dedicated than your entire one. [Providing] relevant messages to your [subscribers and customers] can encourage higher open and click-through fees and lower subscriptions.
Top 5 Elements of Successful Email Marketing Strategies | Blue Fountain  Media
2. Make sure your email is mobile-friendly. "Research from Litmus [and BlueHornet] shows that 71 percent of people will delete an email immediately if it is not displayed correctly on [their mobile device]," said Cynthia Pryce, Vice President of Marketing at Ema Email Marketing Provider. Services and Software. "To prevent [your email] from being sent directly to the Trash, it & # 39 ;s important to focus on creating mobile-optimized email content that catches the eye and engages a smartphone."

To that end, she advises marketers to choose a single-column design that works well with vertical scrolling. Use larger images and bold captions [although many marketers advise brands not to use large images]. Enter a white space for easy scanning. Keep your subject lines short. Make sure your CTA buttons are large enough to be easily tapped - at least 44 pixels square.

"Email marketing services like MailChimp allow you to check how your messages look across various devices, such as Gmail in Chrome or Outlook 2011, and in different inboxes, and make sure your designs are displayed correctly wherever they are sent," says Vandenberg. . .

But if you do not use an email service that allows you to check how your messages look on different devices, use a responsive plan to create your own email.

"According to Yesmail's benchmark report, brands with a responsive design in all their e-mail have a mobile click-open rate (CTO) of 55% higher than brands that have not activated any of their business responses," says Director Ivy Shtereva. Marketing on Yesmail.

3. Consider text-only emails - or do not use image-based emails. "We [found] that plain text-based email with links to our content or product works best," says Copley Broer, who runs LandlordStation, which provides online tools and content to property managers and landowners across the country. “Images are beautiful, but many email clients, such as Outlook, automatically block them, which means that most people see broken things instead of beautiful images. So we write very short but detailed paragraphs with links to the website and we tag those links so we can see what people are clicking on and what they are not doing.

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4. Email should come from a real person (as opposed to 'no reply). Steven MacDonald, Digital Marketing Manager at Super Office, says: “Sixty-four percent of subscribers depend on who opens their email. "No one wants to receive an email from" So the next business, whether your email came from a member of your marketing or customer service team or even your CEO - and let people know how to respond, then their answer will not go away or be ignored.

5. Focus on your subject line and the point. "You win or lose with the subject line in your email, so make it as powerful as possible," said Michael Weiss, cofounder and managing partner at C-4 Analytics, a digital marketing firm. "Give your customers an undeniable offer like '50% of our most popular software ', or' Duck AL Orange is back on Tuesday! ' Let customers know about something special like! This is especially effective if you have a mailing list that is tailored to your customers' specific shopping habits.

"Subject lines can create or disrupt a business," says EJ McGowan, senior director and general manager of advertising. "They should be compelled to persuade contacts to open emails, but they should be friendly enough not to disable them. First and foremost, shorten them; Lines less than 50 characters have a high opening rate and anything over 50 is at risk of being truncated, ”he explains. Also, "Try to convey a sense of urgency in the curriculum with a special announcement or a limited time sale, but do not push too hard."

"Short subject lines that carry urgency - [i.e.] 'Last chance!' 'Tonight is over!' Etc. - opens, ”says Sean Hay, director of the retention at the sunglasses store. "[When we do this] we see open fees up to 8 percent higher than average." Email "Success of running revenue depends on the offer contained in the email".

6. Personalize your email. "Obviously non-custom email explosions will not resonate well with your contacts," McGowan said. “But privatization, when done right, can encourage contacts to open emails and then interact with content inside.

"Start with the basics, like adding original names to the title lines," he suggests. “If you have it, use the advanced data contained in the email to make a powerful call to action. For example, use past buying behavior to determine what species are most intriguing to certain relationships, ”he says. "The more receiver data you can use to personalize messages, whether basic or advanced, the more effective the advertising will be."

"Instead of the big emails of recent days, subscribers need very relevant messages tailored to their unique tastes and pains," says CMO, CMO, Craig Swensrud, Campaign Monitor. “This sentiment was echoed in a Janrain study, which found that 74 percent of online clients become frustrated when they receive content that has nothing to do with their needs. The good news is that the privatization of email marketing has proven to increase clicks. Emails with personalized subject lines are 26 percent more likely to open. ”

7. Get a clear call to action (CTA). Milan Malivuk, Marketing Director at itracMarketer, an email marketing and marketing automation provider, says: “The biggest flaw in email marketing is the lack of clearly defined call to action. "It doesn't matter if you drive a page, get people to call a number, or ask for form submissions. If the reader can not decide what they want to do within 5 seconds, they may [delete your email], ”he says. "So when planning an email for a marketing campaign, show it to a friend or partner, give them 5 seconds to look at the email, and then see if they know what to do."

8. Use email feedback feedback
Have you ever seen the number of promotional emails that issue a message rather than trying to connect with its readers? Many email marketing challenges really revolve around a lack of understanding and engagement with the target audience. These types of emails have no sense of connection or push, which means that the communication goes out alone. Worse still, this type of communication means that marketers have no real understanding of how their readers received their email.

9. Clear cut design for all accessories
In this section, we have plenty of diving areas to dive into, but we would like to focus on two main areas that are often overlooked by email marketers and have a profound effect on your open fees.

The first is your plain text email. As you know, emails are sent in two different formats and depending on whether your recipient's email client supports these email formats, they will receive a simple text message or a nice, clean HTML message. That being said, it is important that your plain text email is fully optimized. This not only keeps your email out of the spam folder but also ensures that your email is readable and digestible.

The second is mobile-friendly email. More and more people are using their mobile devices to read emails. According to CampaignMonitor, 47% of people across the population use a mobile app to check their email. Therefore, it is important for email marketers to plan their email business with these mobile users in mind. Otherwise, their open fees and user base will be significantly affected.

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