Popular Waste Disposal Adelaide Methods Used By Rubbish Removal Agencies

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For homes and offices, waste management is the key behind their overall maintenance and cleanliness. According to the experts, timely waste collection, timely waste disposal and effective waste management, all these processes can put a huge influence on your business’s overall reputation in the market. This waste collection to final disposal involves a number of things and the process of garbage disposal is done using a number of ways and here in this article, we will have a look at some of them.


According to waste disposal Adelaide experts, this method has been acknowledged as the most effective and influential way of disposing garbage. Using this method of garbage disposal, a number of materials from the waste generated from homes and offices can be disposed safely. The most common materials that can be taken care of using this method are plastic bottles, glass, metals, and different forms of paper. This also happens to be the limitation of this method that only some of components of the waste can be disposed, but all in all, this has been a very useful and beneficial method for our environment.

Frequent Dos And Don’ts Of Recycling

Do Recycle:

•   Plastic – Bottles or containers
•   Glass – Jars, soda bottles, alcohol bottles
•   Metals – Steel, tin, aluminium
•   Paper/Cardboard – Food boxes (cereal, crackers, etc.), newspaper, office paper, mail, magazines, phonebooks

Do Not Recycle:

•   Certain Plastics – Grocery bags, stretch wrap, plastic utensils
•   Foam Containers – Foam cups, to-go/take-out containers, foam egg cartons
•   Misc. – Sharp or broken glass, fast food bags and packaging, soiled products


At waste disposal Adelaide agencies, this is another very useful method used by experts for proper disposal of the garbage. The biggest benefit of this method is that when it is used, you actually bring out the organic and biodegradable materials from the waste and decompose them safely to make manure that is used to enrich soil. This soil is really great for plants because it is really rich in nutrients. This version of waste disposal has some limitations just like the one discussed above that only some parts of the waste can be treated.


This method is also given the name of combustion of waste and it mainly involves burning all kinds of garbage irrespective of whether it is generated from homes, offices, industries or commercial establishments. In the beginning, it was assumed as the most cost-effective and convenient method of garbage disposal, but was condemned all over the globe due to certain reasons. The biggest reason was the pollution and secondly, the pollution was mainly the mixture of harmful and toxic smoke that was polluting the environment more than calculated.

Because of this reason, this method of Rubbish disposal is out of fashion in the majority of countries and replaced by the method we are about to discuss.


The most prevalent, the safest and also, very cost-effective is this method, but at the same time, it has several limitations as well. Till around a decade back, this method was very popular, but due to shortage of landfill sites and rapidly filling up of the current sites, people have started raising questions over the effectiveness of this method of waste disposal after rubbish removal.

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