Professional and Cost Efficient Hazardous Waste Disposal Services at the Adelaide Rubbish Tip

by Kelly Rodriguez Adelaide Waste & Recycling Centre

The average household in Adelaide stores many types of hazardous substances, such as pesticides and other garden chemicals, batteries of mobiles and cars, solvent-based paints, swimming pool and spa bath chemicals, thermometers, medicines, and obsolete electronic equipment. Not disposing of such dangerous and hazardous waste properly can have serious implications for residents and their surroundings. If hazardous waste is put into regular garbage, it can pollute the waterways. Burying it into the garden can cause it to leach into the surface or groundwater, and affect the soil, plants, and water for a long time. If it is tipped down the sink, the hazardous waste can block stormwater drains and cause serious impact at water treatment plants.

Besides households, industries such as those dealing with chemicals, manufacturing, fabrication, and those dealing with pharmaceuticals and medical supplies are among the major generators of hazardous waste. Hazardous waste is any waste that is dangerous or potentially harmful to human health or environment. Waste that has not been specifically categorised as hazardous can still be considered as hazardous based on the below parameters:

Ignitability: This includes flammable liquid, oxidisers such as nitrates, and organic peroxides.

Toxicity: This waste will leach any metallic, organic, or pesticide constituents in concentration greater than specified in the regulation.  Examples of toxic substances include arsenic, mercury, barium, silver, and selenium.

Corrosivity: This type of waste includes aqueous liquids with pH value of less than 2 or greater than 12.5. It also includes other liquids capable of corroding steel at a test temperature.

Reactivity: This includes materials which can react violently or create toxic fumes, such as sulfides and cyanides, water-reactive materials, multi-nitrated compounds, and compounds that may undergo vigorous polymerisation, such as vinyl acetate.

Regulations for hazardous waste disposal in Adelaide require the storage of waste using proper segregation practices to avoid intermixing of incompatible materials. All chemicals should be stored in a satellite accumulation area that should be close to the location where hazardous waste is generated.

Professional-grade hazardous waste disposal services in Adelaide

Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre provides professional-grade hazardous waste disposal services in Adelaide using all the standard regulatory practices. All containers are properly labelled as “Hazardous Waste”. Any container not having this labelling cannot be removed from the area. All hazardous waste is packaged in a leak-proof container by the operators of hazardous waste disposal in Adelaide that safely contain the contents. Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre’s hazardous waste disposal in Adelaide ensures that the containers containing hazardous waste are closable, and not overfilled. If the containers contain liquid hazardous waste, an empty space of at least five percent of the container volume is provided by the operators to allow for thermal expansion.

Old cans of shock sensitive compounds, such as dry picric acid, or suspected peroxide forming chemicals (PFCs) are left in place and not moved at all until Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre’s hazardous waste disposal experts have evaluated the condition of the container.

Ensuring proper treatment of hazardous waste

As per regulations governing hazardous waste disposal in Adelaide, PFCs such as isopropyl ether and sodium amide must be disposed of within three months of opening the container. Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre’s operators providing hazardous waste disposal in Adelaide ensure that the hazardous waste is properly treated as per the regulations in force in Adelaide.

There are many domestic tasks that cannot be completed without a visit to a local Adelaide rubbish tip. North Plympton based Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre has the right vehicles, trained staff, and equipment to assist in safe disposal of your unwanted waste items, in the most efficient and environmentally-responsible manner.

All waste is sorted by the staff of Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre into recyclable or general waste categories. Large vehicles then haul any non-recyclable waste to the nearest landfill while the bulk haulage of waste is moved to a remote landfill destination in an effort to improve the overall efficiency of rubbish disposal for residents of the area and councils in Adelaide and nearby regions.

Some of the common recyclable rubbish treated by Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre at their Adelaide rubbish tip include:

·         Ferrous and non-ferrous metals

·         Aluminium cans

·         Cardboard and paper

·         Glass bottles and jars

·         Oil and used engine oil 

·         Mobile phones

·         Glass bottles and jars

·         Whitegoods and appliances

Adelaide rubbish tip operated by Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre, provides residents an effective option for avoiding travel to a remote landfill destination. Besides hazardous waste disposal in Adelaide and Adelaide waste tip services, Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre can be contacted for many other waste management services, including tyre disposal, industrial bin services, green waste disposal, cardboard recycling, and more.

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