Personal Safety Alarm—The Need of the Hour

by Jasbir Kaur Digital Marketing Executive

In today’s unpredictable world where the crime rate is escalating at a rapid pace, ensuring personal safety is of utmost importance. Personal safety alarms are the best tool to answer an unexpected situation.  Be it women, children, elderly or men, a personal safety alarm can be used by anybody and everybody. For those who’ve been living under the shell and has no clue about this alarm, here’s a sneak preview of this product.

What are Personal Safety Alarms?     

A personal safety alarm is a small device that emits a shrieking sound and attracts attention; this is generally to scare off the assailant. The alarm has a simple operating system and works by pressing a small button or pulling a tag that in turn releases a sound to distract the attacker. The most commonly used personal safety alarms are car keys alarms. Generally, most safety alarms emit a sound of 130 decibels which is equivalent to the sound of a military jet afterburner while taking off. They can be easily heard up to 1,000 feet around you. Hence, they are quite effective!

Types of Personal Safety Alarms

With innumerable options in the market, we can segregate personal safety alarms into three different types—Keychain type, Pendant or a SmartWatch. All of them are highly functional; however, the usage depends on your requirements.

The Keychain type personal safety alarm is handy and can be attached to your handbag or wallet. They can be used easily whenever a person finds himself in a difficult situation. Pendant and Smartwatch for personal safety are rare, although technologically advanced, super chic and dramatic, /-they are quite expensive as compared to the basic key chain personal safety alarm and hence, are not found easily in the market.  

Some safety alarms are also connected with other devices and this gives the benefit of keeping an eye on the other person. For instance, parents can have a complete know-how of their young children especially when they are out with friends. You can use it while going out with women & the elderly.


Special Features

Generally, these features are present in Pendulum and smartwatch type personal safety alarm. These include a GPS to locate the person, an alarm button, a wireless communication system to connect with the other person, the ability to make calls, etc. Although, all these functions may not be present in all the personal safety alarms, what’s important is that they should be simple and effective.


Benefits of Personal Safety Alarms

  • Simple, handy and easy-to-use device.
  • Creates highly effective sound which can be heard from a great distance
  • Various options are available you can choose according to your needs
  • Easily available in the market
  • Easy  to purchase  (no legal formalities required)
  • Legal in India


Who can be the User of Personal Safety Alarms?

As mentioned earlier, these safety alarms can be used by everyone. However, to be specific, parents, guardians, caretakers, working women, college students, joggers, and walkers, elderly and people who live in vulnerable areas are the best people to use personal safety alarms. In short, who is always moving and out on the streets for work, education or travel can use personal safety alarms?

In India, there is a huge market of such devices considering the fact that the crime rate is very high. A simple, handy device like a personal safety alarm can be a blessing in disguise. They are easily available in all the electronic shops in the local market and are priced reasonably. Personal Safety Alarms are a need of the hour and are a must-have item! If you like to buy this device then I recommend you to buy from Website. 

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